Here’s How To Properly Use Hand Sanitizers

Though we may not see it with our naked eyes, our everyday life is a constant battle against pathogens or disease-causing microorganisms. And in a bid to win the fight and keep people healthy, researchers and scientists have developed several products to do so — from the soap and hand sanitizer to the medicine and healthcare gear.

In this blog, we’re shining the spotlight on sanitizers. While they are proven to kill off harmful germs and bacteria to a certain extent, they need to be properly used first in order to be effective. Read on to find out how to make good use of and maximize your sanitizer.

When To Use Hand Sanitizers

Time and again, scientists have emphasized that a hand sanitizer is not a replacement for the conventional soap-and-water combination. Rather, it is considered a supplementary product that can be used as an added protection after hand-washing. It is also a great alternative when you can’t immediately wash with soap and water.

The Advantages of Hand Sanitizers

As hand hygiene is of paramount importance, it comes as now surprise how products like soaps, hand sanitizers, paper towels and tissues have become consistently in-demand.

When it comes to sanitizers, one of the many advantages consumers can enjoy is the prevention of the spreading of germs, bacteria, and other disease-causing agents. They also promote good hygiene and health — in fact, a study has found out that the use of hand sanitizers in academic institutions has reduced the rate of absenteeism.

Moreover, as sanitizers only require thorough rubbing, the need to use papers (like towels and tissues) is reduced, helping decrease the amount of waste produced when cleaning one’s hands.

How To Properly Use Hand Sanitizers

You’ve probably applied a hand sanitizer by squirting some of it on your hands and doing a quick hand clap. Or you’ve probably poured a little and let it dry without thoroughly applying it (or applying it albeit in a quick manner).

When you’ve done the above-mentioned, you’re only wasting your time and money. In order to maximize your sanitizers, you have to apply an ample amount, use proper techniques, and be consistent when using it. Here’s how to properly use this sanitizing product:

Ensure that your hands are free of organic matter like dirt or grease (otherwise, washing with soap and water is recommended).

Depending on what is stated on the label, apply a certain amount of the product on one palm. Typically, a dime-size amount is already sufficient.

Thoroughly rub your hands together in order to cover all the surfaces of both hands — from the fingers and he spades between them to around your fingertips and nails.

Do the bullet above for 20 to 30 seconds — never wipe the sanitizer off immediately after rubbing it to your hands. This period will allow the sanitizer to be absorbed by your skin.

Allow the sanitizer to completely dry. Never touch any other surface until it has been dried out.

A Caveat

As alcohol is the main ingredient of hand sanitizers, be careful not to swallow or put it anywhere near your mouth and eyes. It can cause irritation and can even lead to alcohol poisoning — an emergency that requires medical attention as soon as possible.

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