Fun And Exciting Projects Ideas For Children Of All Ages

STEM projects integrate many concepts, which are applicable to real-life situations. Children can learn to integrate concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) to improve their problem-solving skills and have a better understanding of important concepts. STEM projects are a direct application of knowledge through innovation and creativity. Because STEM projects are performed by the whole family, children can learn about communication, collaboration and teamwork. 

Here are some interesting STEM project ideas that children can do:

Science Projects- with a Ziploc bag, children can make a simple model of the water cycle in nature. Parents may ask children to find the explanation about common natural phenomenon, such as why are the sea and sky blue. With a magnet, children can make a list of magnetic and non-magnetic objects. Learn about combination of colours, by mixing water paints. Build a sand volcano that can erupt in the backyard.

Technology Projects- build robots with modular components that are available at many online stores. Teach children about basic programming languages with the computer. Make a simple metal coin battery with pennies, nickels, white vinegar and salt. Alternatively, make a battery with four or five fresh lemons to light up an LED bulb. Dismantle an old computer to learn about the components and ask children to re-assemble them. Parental supervision is important to ensure safety and successful execution of technology projects.

Engineering Projects- stack folded paper into a building. Ask children to: make a blueprint to ensure balance and stability of the paper building, or make a rubber band car with toothpicks and glue. Teach children about the concept of suspension bridges and make a model using cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, painter’s tape and rubber bands. Make a high-speed electromagnetic train with a long coil of copper wire, AAA battery and neodymium battery.

Maths Projects- maths is consisted of many abstract concepts and these projects can help children to have a better understanding. Children can: make multiple fraction flowers that have two, three, four, five or six equal parts, make a paper clock with movable hands to allow children learn about the concept of time, use stacked Styrofoam cups to create an equation spinner device, use toothpicks and small pieces of marshmallow to create various three-dimensional geometrical shapes, create Sierpinski Fractal Triangles from paper to learn more about geometry, or use colourful bricks of Lego to learn about multiplication more easily.

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