Side Effects Of Low Carb Diets

Low carb diets are diets with reduced carbohydrate intake that result in the using up of insulin from the fat and protein reserves in the body. It forces the use of body fat that happens to be the energy source for most parts of the body such as the brain and the red blood cells. However, a total cut off in the intake of carbohydrates from the diet can result in many side effects. Before going in for low carb diets, it is necessary to be aware of these side effects.

Dieters using this method virtually do not consume any bread, rice or alcohol, all of which are rich in carbohydrates. Additionally, some of the low carb diets also involve large amounts of meat, cheese and butter in the diet. These diets do have some limited, short-term effects in terms of reducing body weight, which is the reason for their popularity. Research has proved that weight is lost during the period of low carb diets due to the reduction of water and muscle tissue from the body. Unfortunately, the fats in the body are not reduced, which is necessary for permanent weight loss. People have a tendency to regain weight when the low carb diet is discontinued.

There has been medical evidence of severe side effects in individuals put on high protein and low carb diets. This has been noticed even in the case of people who have had a good health history. There has been little research done to actually pinpoint the occurrence of ill health in dieters on low carb diets. Feedback from low carb dieters has been collected on a regular basis to make a comprehensive study about the side effects. Low carb diets are in the controversial terrain until research finds some tangible evidence to find their positive or negative effects. Usually, these side effects are seen on a long-term basis and many dieters are actually content with the fact that they have lost weight rather quickly.