Perfect Diet Program that You Need to Have Now

Take stock of your diet for a week: write down everything you eat, the quantity, meal times, snacking, feeling hungry, etc. The aim is to understand your food imbalances before trying anything. Let us have look at the diet program you need to have now.

Equip yourself properly to cook

A diet is much more pleasant when you cook yourself. And to cook yourself, you need good utensils. 

Learn little by little to limit snacking

Before embarking on a full diet, start by avoiding snacking. Are you very hungry at 6 p.m. when you get home from work? Drink a large glass of water and take your pain patiently. When dinner time strikes, you will have a good appetite and you will be able to savor what is on your plate. If however you cannot resist, choose small snacks: two squares of dark chocolate, a handful of almonds, a compote without sugars.

Weigh yourself

It is often not recommended to weigh yourself regularly or count calories during a diet. However, it is important to know your starting weight in order to observe the evolution during and after the diet. Seeing the digital number drop by a few grams can be very motivating for the future. Do not hesitate to download applications on your smartphone allowing you to follow the curve of weight, food consumed, calories etc.

Buy fresh produce

To eat well, food must make us want. So go for a walk to the market or to the nearest store, you will see how beautiful (and good.) Fresh fruit and vegetables are. Rich in fiber, the vegetable portions are essential for every meal. They are filling and you can eat as much as you want. Adapt your diet: if you used to prick a few cakes in the cupboard at 3 p.m., open your fridge instead and feast on this raspberry tray that makes you look. You live in a couple? If your spouse does not want or need to go on a diet, separate the races in half. Organize your own row of fridge and cupboard and fill them with goodies.

Reduce your portions

There are no secrets: weight gain is often linked to too large portions during meals. We all tend to fill our plate entirely with pasta instead of varying the pleasure. Choose small portions of starchy foods and supplement the rest of the plate with lots of vegetables and a little protein. And if you are ready to count calories, know that a good diet does not exceed 1800 calories per day.

Eat slowly

Stress seriously affects weight gain. In the office or at home, we are often in a hurry to eat so that we can quickly return to our small things. However, by eating slowly and enjoying your meal, you will see that satiety will be reached more quickly. Little by little, your stomach will shrink and you will no longer have this constant feeling of hunger.

Drink plenty

Tea, herbal tea or simply water: you must drink at least 1.5L of water per day.