Let your teeth be the show stopper

Smile with full confidence till the world gets jealous. All of us are pretty much interested in looking attractive. But what if your most precious smile does not cope-up with you? A white tooth is a blessing to all. It is because it catches the attention of people.

Purpose of teeth whitening

Stain on the teeth looks bad. Hence this discoloration must be wiped away. To cure this discoloration teeth whitening is done. Usually, after the intake of junk foods and fast foods brushing is very vital. Not undergoing the process of regular brushing can cause tooth stains. A dental check-up at regular intervals can help in preventing such discoloration. Bring back your beauty and confidence with your smile.

The reason that leads to tooth staining

Tooth staining occurs due to a lot of reasons. This is generally seen in old aged people. It occurs to them due to their age especially. Other than this the types of food consumption also result in discoloration. These reasons are:

  • Excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol
  • Consumption of food that contains food coloring in it
  • Consumption of tea and coffee on a regular basis

Prevention is better than facing the problem. Prevention can be undertaken by brushing the teeth regularly twice after the main meals. The risk of cavity even is reduced due to regular flossing and brushing.

The types of teeth whitening

There are a series of teeth whitening process. People at first are seen to use homemade toothpaste. But this trick of teeth whitening is not absolutely correct. This method can help to maintain the white teeth only after the treatment by a dental surgeon. Dental check-ups can help a lot in such cases.

Professional solutions are termed to be way better than the use of whitening strips. Getting something done professionally is trustworthy than using something which is not done specially for you. Prevent yourself from gum irritation by avoiding the use of whitening strips or trays.

By the excessive efforts of professional doctors, the teeth are made to shine using the whitening gel. These Gels give a greater brightening to the teeth in comparison to and home remedy.

The process of teeth whitening

The whitening solution which is used in teeth whitening contains hydrogen peroxide. The molecules present in the solution tend to reflect no light after the beginning of the oxidation process.           This hydrogen peroxide penetrates the hard enamel of the teeth. This process is less harmful so it can be done often. This whole process helps or is used to eradicate the discoloration and the stains.

If the stain or discoloration is strong enough to get rid of using the bleach then alternative options are given. Dental doctors of thousand Oaks during dental check-ups give valuable tips and alternative measures to protect and prevent the teeth from cavity and stain.

Does the sensitivity problem take place after the teeth whitening process is a commonly asked question? It is to be noted that sensitivity happens to some after the treatment, but it eventually fades away. It disappears within a couple of days.