7 Tips To Host a Business Brunch Meeting With Confidence, Style, and Good Food

When holding a business meeting, it’s not just the agenda that you need to prepare. Because the way you host this event is a reflection of your organization’s image, you have to be meticulous with other details as well — including the food. If you’re having a brunch meeting, hiring a professional brunch catering service can be a big help.

Here are seven tips to host brunch meetings with confidence, style, and good food.

Book the date and the venue and inform all concerned individuals. First off, you have to fix a date that is amenable to all attendees. Scout a venue that’s conveniently accessible (if it won’t be held in an office) and make sure to book in advance. If you need other suppliers (such as a brunch catering business), you have to hire them early as well. Relay all important details to your guests, staff, and vendors.

Tailor the meeting to your client’s needs and preferences. From the time, venue, and setup to the menu, you have to be mindful of your guests’ preferences. Do they have any food allergies? Are there health-conscious attendees? By considering their needs and tastes, you’re increasing your chance of getting them to consider your proposal and sealing the deal.

Hire a professional caterer. Scientifically speaking, food can affect how people make decisions. If you’re talking about an important business deal over a business brunch meeting, hiring a professional caterer is essential. They help not only in preparing the food but in setting up the table as well. For brunch gatherings, you have to specifically hire an expert in brunch catering to ensure that the food and drinks you’ll serve are fit for the event.

Create a good rapport and be sincere. Good food and good rapport are essential ingredients for a successful meeting. Before proceeding with the agenda proper, engage in small talk to help build trust. Be sincere when conversing with them.

Be respectful of your client’s time. Your client’s time is valuable. Make sure that you arrive at the venue earlier than them. This is not only a common courtesy, but it also gives you time to check and address any last-minute issues. Proceed with the program sequence you have prepared and be careful not to prolong the duration of the meeting.

Listen to your clients attentively. Take note that even if you’re the host, you have to do more listening than talking. You should make them feel that they are important and that their insights are impactful.

Mind your manners. Concerning the item above, you also have to resist the urge to look at your phone throughout the meeting. Turn it off (or put it in silent mode, at least) and keep it off the table. You shouldn’t also put any other items like wallets and keys on the table. Also, observe the basic dining etiquette, such as not eating before your guests arrive and not talking when you’re chewing your food. At the end of the meeting, be sure to thank them for taking the time to meet with you.

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