What are the factors affecting HCG levels Twins?

hCG is the hormone that helps healthcare professionals determine pregnancy and with further investigations can be indicative as  for multiple pregnancies in a women.

Multiple factors control the hCG readings and rise of hCG in a woman. Knowing these factors help address the underlying issues, if any. hCG levels for twins show a steep rise as compared to single pregnancy.

However hCG levels do not always rise due to a pregnancy. Various other changes can take place in the body and are responsible for the increase in hCG levels.

One of the ways the doctor understands whether you are pregnant with twins or multiples is though monitoring the hCG levels through beta-hCG blood tests.   The results of hCG with twins is very different from that of a singleton. A single baby’s hCG level chart will show less hCG hormone compared to the hCG levels twins chart. 

Let us have a look at the factors responsible for the change in hCG levels.

Factors affecting hCG levels twins


A rise in hCG readings does not always translate to a twin pregnancy. It can also mean that the individual has cancer.

hCG levels can increase due to cervical cancer, cancer in the stomach, large intestines, liver, lungs, or pancreas.

Infertility treatment

hCG hormones are injected into women who are dealing with infertility to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

Such hormonal injections increase the hCG levels in the individual’s body. However, this does not mean that the individual is pregnant. This means that their body is being prepared for a pregnancy with the help of the hormone.

Genetic defect

Sometimes high levels of hCG are a result of genetic complications during pregnancy.

Extremely high hCG levels during pregnancy can translate to the baby having Down syndrome. Down syndrome is when a baby is born with three copies of chromosomes instead of two.

A molar pregnancy can also cause high hCG levels. In a molar pregnancy, the placenta overdevelops into an abnormal mass of cells. Fetus die in such cases, and often it goes undetected if not under regular supervision by a health care professional.

Influential determinants

Going for a pregnancy test too early in the pregnancy or doing the pregnancy test in the second half of the day can produce improper results.

The most accurate hCG levels can be done by testing the urine in the first half of the day, preferably first thing in the morning .


Other genetic defects

The individual can test for low levels of hCG owing to genetic drawbacks in the body.

This can lead to ectopic pregnancies or miscarriages. This can lead to the termination of the pregnancy.

Multiple pregnancies

All mothers have hCG reading rates. However, the hCG levels of twins can be more than a single baby’s reading if the mother is carrying twins, triplets, or even quadruplets. This drastically increases the hCG level reading of the individual.

Final thoughts

hCG levels have several factors that influence its readings, as is evident from our revelations above. hCG levels twins are higher than that of a single child. Doctor may also recommend ultra sound as a part of further investigations.

Your doctor is the best person to tell you why your hCG reading is high and at what time of the day you should test it for accurate results.