What you should know before getting BOTOX™

Botox is a safe procedure to have if you want to improve your skin’s appearance and restore its youthful-looking. Having Botox in Calgary is simpler than you expect since our experts are always ready to guide you through the process. And if you’re interested in receiving the benefits of Botox treatments, you should keep reading this article. Next, we share everything you should know before getting Botox.

Botox relaxes muscles

Many patients are unsure about how Botox works. Luckily, the principle behind this treatment is relatively simple. Botox is made out of molecules that attach to the nerve endings in the muscles. These prevent the impulse from the nerves so that muscles don’t contract.

Botox isn’t a filler

A filler is a gel and not a toxin like Botox. The distinction is that filler is injected under the skin and not in the muscle. Overall, Botox can offer more reliable results in the long-term.

Botox has to be administered by a trained professional

An important thing you should know before getting Botox is that you should have it administered by a skilled practitioner. An individual without the necessary knowledge and training can’t offer the desired results, but it can expose you to unnecessary risks. This is why our team of professionals provides the best services for Botox in Calgary. Constant training and learning are key for Botox results.

Botox shouldn’t be administered in excess

It is tempting to have Botox for all your wrinkles. But experts say less is more beneficial for you. Overdoing Botox can expose you o muscle atrophy, which is a serious side effect. Make sure you discuss this with your technician about this. A personalized treatment plan for Botox in Calgary is the only approach that will get you impressive results!

Botox isn’t a miracle solution with immediate results

There are some patients that come to a Botox clinic with high expectations believing they’ll get a miracle treatment. The truth is that Botox treatments can take some time before showing up the intended results. Depending on your wrinkles and skin type, results can appear after three to ten days.

The bottom line

Your skin improves once you have Botox in Calgary. But it would be best if you discussed with your practitioner the long-term results. Having realistic expectations can help you understand the benefits of Botox. It can significantly improve the appearance of your skin if administered correctly. So, make sure you request a personalized treatment plan according to your needs and expectations!