Tianeptine – check out the top 3 uses

Tianeptine is a medicine which is used for treating the patients who are suffering from a major depressive disorder. It is sold under the brand names coaxil and stablon. It is also used for treating anxiety, asthma, and irritable bowel syndrome. The depressive symptoms consist of feeling sad, bad about yourself, thought of ending life, feeling hopeless, poor sleep, etc.

There are so many uses of the tianeptine, and if you are not aware of them, then you are suggested to have a look at the points mentioned below.

Anxiety and stress

If you have anxiety and stress problems, then this medicine is suitable for you. A proper regimen of tianeptine helps in improving anxiety symptoms. It also cures the subjective and objective neurocognitive functions. This medicine is tried and tested on 20 panic disorder patients, and the result is just amazing.

It is noticed that it helps in reducing their reaction to severe panic and anxiety attacks. If we compare to the control, then tianeptine is also effective in curing post-traumatic stress disorder patients, which is in short known as PTSD. However, you should always take this medicine by consulting the doctor.

Cures asthma

This drug also helps in curing asthma by enhancing the serotonin uptake by platelets in the body. The serotonin is mostly found circulating in the blood during the asthma attacks. So, by taking tianeptine, you can decrease the free serotonin in the blood. Anyone who is suffering from asthma can use this medication to improve their health.

Tianeptine can be easily availed, and there are no hardcore rules for taking it. You just have to swallow it with water. It can be taken with or without food. If you want to feel its benefits to the fullest, then you should try to take it on a regular basis.


This medication is as effective as various antidepressants in patients who are suffering from major depression. It can also be consumed by the people with dysthymia and adjustment order. When this treatment is extended and proper, then tianeptine can lead to decreasing the chances of recurring depression. You will start noticing the changes in your life by taking this pill.

Tianeptine helps in improving the quality of the life of people who are suffering from this disease. You just have to take this medicine as prescribed by the doctor and should not miss it. In case if you forget to take one dose, then you should take it as soon as possible. If it is too late and it is time for your next dose, then you should go back to your daily routine and do not overdose.

The final words

These were some uses of tianeptine. The one thing that you should always keep in mind is that do not stop taking this medicine without talking to your healthcare specialist. You are suggested to not consume alcohol while having this medicine because it can lead to excessive sleepiness and increases anxiety.