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During cold and flu season, most people know they need to wash their hands frequently and stay away from those with symptoms. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has made cold and flu season an even more viable threat. With many states now mandating social distancing, quarantining, and wearing masks, it is imperative individuals know how to protect themselves from the virus and other illnesses in their communities. Click Here to learn more.

Prevent Illness By Avoiding Exposure

Because there is no known cure for Covid-19 and some other viruses, it is imperative individuals do all they possibly can to protect themselves. One of the best ways to prevent catching an illness is to avoid exposure. Viruses like Covid-19 are spread from person to person, and a person may not be aware they have been exposed until they begin to experience symptoms.

The CDC has routinely sent out guidelines helping people to understand how to avoid getting infected. The following offers some hints that will help people to protect themselves from Covid-19 and other illnesses that could make them very ill.

  • Handwashing is still one of the most important ways of preventing infection. Individuals need to wash their hands for at least twenty seconds to ensure they remove all the germs.
  • It is also important to wear a mask at all times when out in public. A mask helps protect others from possible infection and protects the wearer. Since Covid-19 and some other viruses are carried through the air via water droplets, wearing a mask helps to prevent exposure.
  • Avoiding close contact is also instrumental for helping to prevent infections. It is wise to avoid gathering in large groups and to practice staying at least six feet apart from others. Close proximity puts a person at more of a risk for getting exposed to a virus.

Simply Masks Is Dedicated to Providing Protective Gear

Everyone knows wearing a mask is one of the ways people can protect themselves during periods of viral outbreaks. It is important to remember that viruses can sometimes be spread, even when a person is not exhibiting symptoms or does not know they have the virus.

Simply Masks makes a full line of protective equipment that allows people to protect themselves. Having a mask to wear offers protection, while providing comfort. Through the pandemic, they have been working to increase production as much as possible. They provide around 8-million masks each month.


Although wearing a mask can sometimes seem like an inconvenience, it is saving lives all over the world. Companies like Simply Mask are dedicated to providing comfortable, safe, and effective masks for those who need them. By practicing the measures put forth by the CDC and medical community, individuals can protect themselves from viruses that can threaten their health.

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