What you should eat when you have the flu

During this cold and flu season the team at House Call Doctors encourages you to think of food as your medicine and carefully consider how you fuel your body.  Here are their top recommendations for what you should eat when you’re sick with the flu.

Food remedies for what ails you:

Combating a sore throat

Scratchy throats are best soothed by a hot cup of tea. Green tea and ginger are both anti-inflammatory and should sooth a sore throat and tight chest. For an antibacterial boost, try combining honey with your tea. Drinking tea will also hydrate you, which is essential for combatting dehydration and fatigue.

Calming an upset stomach

Keep meals simple if you are experiencing an unsettled tummy. Try to pick foods that are high in fibre and protein but low in sugar and salt. Brown rice, wholemeal bread and oats are able to provide energy without being too rich for your stomach. Chicken thighs are high in protein but easy to digest, especially when added to a soup. If you’re struggling to keep anything down, remember to eat slowly and have smaller portions.

TIP: Avoid dairy and caffeine:  Most people find dairy upsets their stomach, so avoid rich creams and milk-heavy drinks. Cut down on coffee as it can overstimulate your digestive system.

Clearing congested sinuses

If your head feels blocked up, you have sinus pains or just need to breathe easy again,the experts at House Call Doctor recommend ginger. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory superfood packed full of antioxidants that fight bad bacteria. Ginger is especially good at clearing congestion thanks to the root’s aromatic qualities and taste. Ginger tea, ginger soup and ginger broth will warm up your sinuses and relieve congestion.