How Bakeries Can Sell More Desserts

There are few indulgences more enjoyable than a tasty dessert. Cookies, cakes, pies…you name it!

But even successful bakeries need occasional guidance to keep their sales up. If you own or work in a bakery, as part of a larger grocery store or alone, be sure to follow these crucial tips. Remember, you can always use high-quality wholesale suppliers who can supply frozen or pre-baked goods to supplement what you create in-house.

Focus on Quality Over Price

Everyone loves a good deal, but if customers are disappointed by the taste of a product, they won’t buy it again no matter what the price. It’s vital to focus on quality goods that people look forward to eating.

For instance, you can purchase wholesale frozen pies from a reputable supplier to give bakers time to put a great deal of effort into other products at the store.

Print Nutrition Labels

As many Americans try to control their body weight, an accurate nutrition label will boost sales. Customers today want more transparency in prepared foods, including calorie count, allergen information, and ingredients.

It can be challenging for a small bakery to ascertain exact nutrition information, but it will be worth it. If you use a reputable wholesale frozen baked goods supplier, their pies, cakes, and cookie mixes should come with accurate nutrition labels to make it easy for you and your customers.

Give Out Samples

Free samples of delicious baked goods? Yes, please! Customers will surely love to try a taste of some new offering, and it helps bakeries sell novel flavors that may seem daring. For instance, everyone loves a classic apple pie, but a caramel apple pie may sell better if you offer samples so people can be reassured it’s tasty before buying a whole pie.

If you use a wholesale frozen supplier, it’s easy to stock on merchandise to be ready for customers wanting to branch out and try new things.

Provide a Variety of Items

Bakeries do better when they have an array of tempting offerings for their customers. Traditional cakes, pies and cookies do well, but try to have different portion sizes and healthier options as well. You can increase your sales by merely appealing to more buyers.

For several years, single and half-sized portions have been popular. People enjoy trying new options but in a smaller size. Desserts for those with health concerns could include gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, or sugar-free.

It helps to have choices, and sometimes a wholesale supplier can assist with frozen products to supplement what you already make.

Don’t Forget the Packaging

We eat with our eyes first, and beautiful packaging can help make the sale. Make your bakery stand out from the crowd with unique containers and thoughtful details. If you get a little help from a wholesale frozen supplier of pies, cakes, or cookies, be sure to choose a company that provides excellent packaging.

Attractive extras can help make first-time customers long-time customers.

Utilize Social Media

Speaking of attractive visuals, beautiful baked goods are perfectly suited for harnessing social media to increase sales. Tempting photos are often shared among users to gain likes and new followers, naturally spreading the word about your products to potential customers.

A well-known wholesale frozen pie or pastry supplier will often have stock photography that can make sharing photos on social media easier for smaller bakeries.

If your bakery is looking to increase sales, remember these essential tips. And be sure to secure a trusted frozen wholesale supplier that can help your goal of offering a wide variety of delicious, beautiful pies, cakes and cookies. Your customers, and bottom line, are sure to grow!
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