Stay Fit – Is it Impossible to Stay Fit During the Holidays?

Stay Fit – Is it Impossible to Stay Fit During the Holidays?

Are you trying to stay fit but you know it’s going to be an impossible task during the holidays?

Of course you know that the holidays are infamous for assisting good people at getting terribly out of shape. You might have a better chance at remaining hydrated in the desert than staying fit during the holidays. Let’s face it, it’s not happening.

It all starts out around the final days of October as Halloween starts to come around, and we all know what Halloween brings. Tons of candy on top of candy. And then before you can blink Thanksgiving is on us, and you feel yourself walking to the couch to sleep off that turkey, while on the way you feel the thighs brushing together. Hmmm.

Then of course comes the 12 Days of Christmas and or Hanukkah and well, basically the thighs aren’t just brushing together anymore, they’re rubbing. Almost to the point of chafing!

Basically if your goal is to stay fit during the holidays then it’s not going to be easy. But is it impossible. Nope, not at all! There are some things that you can do for staying fit during the holiday, but it will just take a little bit of planning ahead.

So the first may sound very obvious but hear me out. The first thing that you should do is NOT stuff your face!! Yes, duh…I know. But let’s think about this…how many years have you planned to try and stay fit through the holidays and then went and did just that…you stuffed your face?

So yes it’s very obvious but not so easy. However if you’ll just plan ahead a bit, then your chances of staying fit increase bit time.

Actually you can stuff your face, if you’ll plan to stuff it with the right sorts of foods. Just eat a lot of the more healthier foods and non-make-you-fat-foods and less of the make-you-fat-foods. Eat tons of protein and veggies (which are usually prepared very tastily on the holidays) and less of the carbs like mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and bread. That alone will help you significantly.

Another good trick is to literally fool your brain into thinking that you have more food by using a smaller plate. For instance a lot of people will put out dessert plates as well as regular plates. If you’ll use a desert plate then you’ll have to get less food. If you’re worried about looking like a psycho eating like that on the holidays, don’t even. People will envy you and wish they had your strength and willpower rather than think that you’re crazy.