Perfect Caring Services for the Diables

You can deal with this issue yourself, or delegate it. After registration, you will find a monthly state control for money spent on the trustee and his state of health.If you are going to look after a disabled person of 2 groups, the documents are the same. If a disabled person is recognized as incompetent, the trustee may be any, and the patient does not choose him.

Issuing the Patronage

If you have issued a patronage over a relative with a disability, but want to continue working – contact a nurse, you are provided with a professional approach. Monthly payments will help the guardian to cope with the heavy burden, will be of help to the state. If it comes to byta  assistansbolag  then you can have the best choice there.

What problems does patronage over the disabled solve?

Physical deviations are not the worst option: a person with a disability in consciousness and a pure mind is able to perceive reality adequately, you can agree with him, he wants to fulfill part of self-service instructions. Mental and mental deviations of patients have a bad effect on recovery, the caregiver needs to enter the confidence circle of the person and find a common language with the patient, which is characterized by deviant behavior. However, all people with disabilities have the right to quality care and professional assistance.

When lying down or partially immobilized, the following problems appear:

  • Skin rash
  • Pressure sores
  • Cardiovascular failure
  • Respiratory failure
  • Failures in the digestive tract
  • Atrophy of muscles not involved daily
  • Joint pain.

The nurse is engaged in the prevention of all complications according to the problem.

  • Focus of the problem
  • Preventative measures


Minimizes friction and compression.Daily inspection, body and bed hygiene. Bed linen is changed at least once every 2 weeks. Help with dressing, selection of light clothing without elastic bands, belts.

The cardiovascular system

Compression underwear or bandages. The legs of a bed patient are raised above the body with a pillow / roller.


Loose clothes, regular airing and humidification.

Gastrointestinal tract

Proper nutrition, easily digestible food, enema as recommended by a doctor.

Muscle corset

Exercise therapy

Before you take a disabled person for patronage, you should stipulate the volume and conditions of the work performed, and the patient must accept the current conditions:

  • The person will live separately from the nurse or together
  • Can a person perform hygiene procedures himself
  • What will be included in the daily cares of the nurse.

Microclimate and climate control

A disabled person can experience negative feelings, spill emotions on a guardian, and the intensity of emotions will be the higher, the more unpleasant the conditions of detention and the lower the threshold of trust between people.

Life and mutual understanding will become better if you try to understand the patient, support him, despite aggression from the disabled person: life gave him a difficult test and not everyone is given the courage to deal with him.

The secret of establishing friendships with the ward:

  • Be sincere in your kindness
  • Expand the patient’s social circle so that he doesn’t lock on you,

Listen more and remember the facts that the patient likes, about which he dreamed earlier than he would like to do in his spare time from everyday life and medical procedures.