Importance of maintaining a good appetite in older adults

Importance of maintaining a good appetite in older adults

The bodies of older people have reduced efficiency in how they absorb nutrients. As well, older people tend to eat little amounts of food due to the lack of appetite. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the importance of good appetite to older individuals since it helps maintain good health.  Such recommendations would help the bodies of older people to acquire the right amount of nutrients. Additionally, it would guarantee that the individual’s body would fight infections better than that of a person who feeds on a poor diet.

Here are the top essentials of a good appetite in older adults. 

A good appetite enables an individual to eat enough food with the right nutrients. Such nutrients help in preventing age-related conditions such as cognitive decrease and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that an older person gets enough nutrients in the body by enhancing their appetite.

Malnutrition is a common condition that affects older people. It is more prevalent in people living in institutions. The main cause of malnutrition is poor diet and poor eating habits. Therefore, to avoid malnutrition cases, it is necessary to ensure that older individuals have a good appetite.

A good appetite means that an individual can eat the foods necessary to provide them with enough body nutrients. A substantial number of older adults tend to be choosy on the type of food that they eat. Such is caused by poor appetite because they might wish to eat certain foods, yet they do not have enough nutrients to the body. However, if the person has a good appetite, they will find it easy to eat any nutritious food.

As people get older, they must consume more healthy foods than unhealthy ones. Once an individual has begun to age, it is high time for them to avoid foods that take longer to be digested, such as fried food. They should focus on foods that can be easily digested to ensure that the body gets enough nutrients. Among the easy-to-digest foods are cooked through boiling. Boiled foods might not be as tasty as fried food, and therefore, an individual would require a good appetite for them to consume such food.

A good appetite reduces the chances of an individual experiencing poor nutrition. Older people have a weakened immune system and, therefore, should not eat a poor diet. There are plenty of ways through which their appetite can be enhanced. For instance, giving plenty of fruits is one of the natural ways through which individuals can improve their appetite. It is also necessary to avoid giving older adults sugary foods since they make people lose their appetite.

The key to having a good appetite is by replacing one’s diet with healthy foods. Unhealthy foods might result in constipation and, in turn, poor appetite. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that older people eat foods that would not interfere with the reduced appetite they already have. Older people might not be energetic enough to go to the food store or cook healthy meals. Hence, it is best to have someone take care of them or ensure that they have all the necessary foodstuffs at their disposal.

Another way of ensuring that older people maintain a good appetite is by creating a meal plan for them. The meal plan should be designed to ensure that they eat at the same time each day. Their bodies would get used to such a meal plan, thus reducing their chances of losing appetite. They would also get used to eating healthy foods.