Do you want to know your baby’s gender?

Much awaited by the parents, the second ultrasound can reveal the sex of the baby with a small margin of error. But, by the way, do you want to know? Take our suggestion from adatewithbaby.

Before 12.5 weeks, the diagnosis of sex is more than uncertain

No morphological difference is visible between the future girl and the future boy before the 8th week of pregnancy (10 weeks). There is a small identical growth between the legs called genital tubercle or genital bud. Over the days, the genital tuber will transform into the sex of a little girl (clitoris, small and large lips) or little boy (penis, bursa).

Up to 12 weeks, it is always difficult to know whether what you see on the screen is a girl’s or boy’s gender, even for an experienced sonographer. The differences are still moderate. From 12.5 weeks on, sex is more visible and the diagnosis safer (but errors can still occur). To do this, however, the fetus must be in profile (median sagital view, photo must be taken at the first echo) we then discover it from head to buttocks, but we can almost see neither arms nor legs.

How to decipher the first trimester ultrasound?

It is the angle between the back of the fetus and the genital tubercle that is decisive in the diagnosis of sex on the first trimester ultrasound. If this angle is greater than 45 °, it is a future boy. 

If you have a good sonographer with a powerful device, that the baby is well positioned, that you are pregnant with 12.5 SA at least, all the chances are there to know the sex of your baby. Otherwise, it is better to wait for the second ultrasound around 22 weeks to be 100% sure of the result!

And which mom and dad aren’t curious about the baby’s gender?

For the anxious on duty, tips on how we can find out the sex of the baby even before the fourth month or 16th week or what would be the ideal gestational age for an ultrasound and be able to visualize the male or female sex of the fully formed baby. So how about touring the world of discovery in several ways? The medical and folk in one post, so come on!

How to know the sex of the baby?

This phase of discovery mixed with anxiety is a delight and during this period the possible names are also chosen, even before being sure of the baby’s sex . If you want to liven up this moment even more and start making choices before unraveling this delicious mystery, take advantage of the suggestions and tips of baby names as well as their origins and meanings.