The Best Choices for the Fertility Clinics

As in any specialty, when we have to go to a reproductive medicine clinic, many doubts arise and we need to be clear about what we want and what we want from an assisted reproduction center. Choosing the right choice is important because the centers are not all the same and there are many bell tones that can end up misleading you. There are basic requirements that allow you to choose and decide who to trust based on your needs.

Your Choices

You must choose a clinic with solvency and scientific-medical rigor and in which we guarantee the personalization of your treatment. The centers which, beyond the care, are active in research, will offer you the guarantee that they care for the patient and are interested in the progress of science. The fact that the clinic has quality certificates is also a reason for trust.

Firm prices

The cost of a treatment is also a concern and it is important to compare. You must be careful with advertisements, and in particular pay attention to the small print clauses. Recently, centers have appeared which trivialize reproductive medicine and which use hooks which are often misleading. Trust the centers that offer clear and fixed prices to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Although it may seem incredible, not all reproductive medicine centers have gynecologists and infertility experts. Trust a clinic with recognized professionals who receive ongoing training. You can go for more info for the details now.

Specific units

They are the guarantee that research and scientific progress motivate them and move them forward. Reproductive medicine has been developing continuously for four decades and the current infertility problems are more complex and require a specific approach. There are units of low ovarian reserve, recurrent miscarriage and implantation failure, endometriosis, immunology or genetic counseling, among others, which treat complex cases.

Advanced laboratories and technology

Having clean operating rooms and laboratories is a guarantee of impeccable processes. Patients can count on the diagnostic tests they need. A high quality reproduction treatment must be based on the latest technologies and the best diagnostic resources from 3D and 4D ultrasound scanners to incubators, microscopes or flow campaigns.

Multidisciplinary team

Today’s problems require clinics with experience and a multidisciplinary team to deal broadly with the infertility problems that affect women and men. Gynecologists, molecular biologists, embryologists, geneticists, endocrines, urologists, pharmacists, psychologists, etc. come into play. to study infertility issues in depth.

  • Choosing the right infertility clinic is first of all ensuring that it has the approvals, certifications and accreditations issued by the competent authorities: Ministry of Health, national medicine agency, joint bodies, etc.
  • In here, infertility clinics must comply with ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) guidelines, be a member of SART (Society for Assisted Human Reproduction Technology) and report their results to the CDC (Centers for disease control and prevention).

In the area, regulations on medical reproduction vary considerably from one member country to another. In here the Fertility Society and the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality guarantee the reliability of the services and data provided by infertility centers.