CBD For Pets

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CBD oil has been proving itself in the last five years. It has been proving itself in its great ability to really help animals and people with pain. Today’s stereo typical pain killers are difficult to digest and cause many stomach, kidney and liver problems. However, CBD oil is all natural and does not contain THC so it doesn’t cause the hallucinogenic effect that it is typically assumed it does. Animals experience ailments much like humans. Animals can have tumors, heart diseases and many other similar problems. This is why CBD in white bear is a great option for pets with long term diseases.

What is it Great for?

The obvious use of CBD oil is for pain. Dogs who are experiencing any type of long term pain such as cancer or illness are great candidates for CBD oil. Another great candidate is a pet who suffers from anxiety or seizures. Because CBD has a calming effect it is great for dogs who suffer anxiety. It is great for dogs who suffer from fire works anxiety on the fourth of July. It is also great for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. Owners of pets typically have to go to work. So if your pet is suffering from anxiety then maybe the best option for you is CBD oil.

The Benefits

Other than the physical benefits of using CBD oil there are benefits to many other aspects of a pets life as well. For example, CBD oil is easier on the kidneys and liver. There is less toxins to process out of CBD versus other prescription pain medications. Along with that, the CBD oil is easier on the pet parents pocket book. Prescription medications take a lot of time and science to create, so their cost is much higher. Versus CBD oil that is all natural and easy to find and make. Lastly, CBD is all natural. It is safe to have in your home. Many people prefer not to have prescription pain medication floating around their home because it can be a target for addicts. The all natural component makes CBD oil less appealing because it is easier to access. Most pet car stores will carry and sell CBD.

How Does it Work?

Basically, CBD oil for pain and anxiety in pets works similar to CBD in white bear oil for pain and anxiety in humans. The drug binds to certain receptors in the brain that help reduce the pain. So instead of just completely stopping the communication between the brain and source, the cbd oil just diverts it. This is great because there won’t be long term effects to your ability to sense and feel certain parts of your body. Like what happens after long ter prescription medication use. Then your body never really builds a tolerance.

Spotting Bad Product

Just like any other product, there are some CBD oil manufacturers out there who are looking to just make a profit. So they will cut corners on costs such as using Xytol to sweeten the CBD medication to make it appealing to pets. Xytol can be very dangerous and toxic to pets. Long term use of Xytol can cause liver and kidney damage that is irreparable.


The use of CBD oil can be very beneficial for humans that are experiencing extreme pain. CBD oil can help reduce seizures and can help your dog have less anxiety. So whether your dog just needs CBD on the fourth of July or if your dog needs CBD daily, you can be sure that you are giving your dog a healthier option to a better life.