How To Train Like an Athlete To Lose Weight

You may have tried to lose your excess weight through a variety of diet and exercise plans, and maybe a fad diet or two as well. If none of these options have worked for you on a long-term basis, it’s time to call in a professional and hire a weight loss trainer Northern CA to come up with a personalized plan to achieve your goal. A popular method he or she may use is to teach you how to train like an athlete by incorporating some of the following steps.

Warm-Up Those Muscles

Start every exercise session with a few minutes of low-intensity aerobics to warm up your muscles and get your heart and lungs pumping. This will decrease your risk of injury and get your body primed for your workout. About five minutes on the treadmill or a few rounds of jumping jacks and push-ups will do the trick.

Vary Your Workout

Varying your workout helps you beat boredom and allows you to focus more intently on a different set of muscles. One day you may lift weights to strengthen your upper body and the next day you do a series of activities for your lower body. One week you may do an hour of hot yoga on Monday, and a jog in the park on Wednesday.

Take Rest Days

One common mistake a person makes when starting a workout routine is exercising every single day. Athletes always take rest days, and your trainer will schedule those for you too. These days are necessary to allow your body time to rebuild and strengthen after your vigorous workouts. That soreness you feel the day after a session with your trainer is caused by small tears in your muscle tissues that need time to repair. If you avoid these crucial rest days, you could cause a plateau in your weight loss journey or suffer an injury.

Increase the Intensity

You will notice your trainer will add more repetitions and increase the pounds on your weight lifting sessions and have you move faster on your aerobic activities. This is known as progressive overload and is designed to increase the intensity at every training session so your body changes to the more fit and toned version you want.

Following an athlete’s training pattern will help you achieve your weight loss goals and reach a higher level of fitness. Hiring a trainer will keep you accountable to follow your plan and get you results in less time.