Are Teeth Whitening Suitable for Sensitive Teeth?

You may think there are better options than teeth whitening or suitable cosmetic dentistry for people with sensitive teeth, but everything has changed in this modern and innovative world. Some years ago, cosmetic dentists never performed the whitening process for those who have sensitive teeth, but in recent years, they changed their ideas. There are new and innovative whitening processes available and suitable for sensitive teeth. The unique whitening formula makes the whitening process suitable even for sensitive teeth. These processes are also more protective for sensitive tooth. You can enjoy your safe and bright teeth along with an attractive smile. Whether you have sensitive teeth or not, you can experience a whitening process. You only need to find and choose a professional cosmetic dentist, consult with him, select the best whitening process, and perform it as soon as possible. Most cosmetic dental clinics are ready to offer the best and most practical whitening procedure for your sensitive tooth. 

same-day teeth whitening in Vancouver

Can I Try Teeth Whitening Process on My Sensitive Teeth? 

As a dentist offering same-day teeth whitening in Vancouver explains, if you have sensitive teeth, you can still whiten them as snow. There are different teeth whitening processes available in cosmetic dental clinics. First, your chosen cosmetic dentist has to examine your dental condition and the extent of your teeth’s sensitivity. 

Finding the most practical whitening process is a comprehensive and effective dental exam. The cosmetic dental team will arrange a dental exam to ensure you are a good candidate for the whitening process.

If you have sensitive teeth, the cosmetic dentist will try to find the reason for your teeth’s sensitivity. They have to find the source of your dental issue. Most people have sensitive teeth due to their gum and oral problems. 

Therefore, your cosmetic dentist needs to test your gum line and find the best whitening process. Unfortunately, sensitive teeth will cause different issues like dental decay, oral and dental infections, and cracked and chipped teeth. 

same-day teeth whitening in Vancouver

Is the Teeth Whitening Process Harmful to My Teeth?

Every new and innovative dental treatment is good enough and suitable for different dental patients. Only some can be harmful due to the patient’s dental and oral conditions. For example, the whitening process can harm patients’ teeth just in case of having too sensitive teeth. Broken teeth, damaged ones, and other types of hurt teeth are not good candidates to experience the whitening process.

Moreover, this process will affect your dental enamel, so you must be sure about your dental and oral health and then choose one of the whitening processes. 

Note that a professional cosmetic dentist can whiten your too-sensitive teeth in the best method and short time. They also treat various types of dental issues before starting the whitening process. 

These cosmetic dentists also try to know why your teeth are sensitive and solve the issues as soon as possible. They are the final determiner of your whitening process success rate.

It depends on your teeth’s sensitivity level. Don’t worry. These cosmetic dentists can treat your damaged teeth in the best way and then whiten them as you want the most.