A Full Guide to Cannabis and Useful Facts

Cannabis is becoming a legalized and well-accepted marketable product in America and has become more and more popular all the way. The trend seems to have been growing much faster than anyone can keep up with, with a handful states that have legalized for legal cannabis use, a few that allow for medicinal use, and almost all that allows for CBD use. Thanks to the 2018 legalization of public cannabis use, this development is acknowledged by all California residents. The year 2018 was interesting, with dispensaries springing up at every side of the building and vanishing just as quickly. Possibly the best brands close shop, and where they left off, hobbyists open up. In 2018, it was a thrill ride of a year and there were plenty of ups and downs to it. We can go into all of the basics here if you are new to the legalization of cannabis, so you will understand the legalization of it. The last thing you want to do is go into cannabis use without first learning any substantial details, so you don’t have a bad ride!

California’s Legalization of Cannabis

So now that marijuana (also referred to as cannabis, pot, weed, and other nicknames) is legal, would that mean it’s free for everyone? Can you purchase as much as you want from the San Francisco marijuana dispensary, like alcohol and cigarettes? Ok, the rules are a little bit more complex than that. This is why, before you begin to make transactions in San Francisco, it is essential to note the law.

Here are the laws and regulations set up for the purchase of cannabis:

  • You must be 21 or older to buy, use or present recreational cannabis, including use for eating, smoking, vaping, etc., similar to alcohol.
  • You are not authorized to give or sell cannabis to children (under 21).
  • It is illegal to drive when under the influence of cannabis.
  • Cannabis is either form (smoke, vape, eat, etc.) is illegal to be consumed in public at all, including bars, restaurants, offices, parks, sidewalks, etc (so pretty much you can only do it at home).
  • It is also illegal, even though it is legal to have cannabis in that state, to carry your cannabis across any state line.
  • Consumption or possession of cannabis on any federally owned property, such as national parks, is illegal, even though it is within San Francisco.
  • To be able to market retail cannabis goods, you must get a license issued by the state.

You must be 21 to buy cannabis from a cannabis dispensary San Francisco licensed store, to sum it up in simple words, and you can only smoke it in your California home where there are no minors. If you are a non-US citizen and are wanting to try this in California, please remember that this is not federally permitted in the US and you could obtain a lifetime ban from coming to the country if you are reported to have used cannabis products.