How To Keep Your Feet Healthy?

Our feet are undeniably the simplest and safest transportation mode. It helps us to walk thousands of steps per day. However, maintaining the health of the feet requires proper care. And you will be glad after knowing that keeping your feet healthy is very easy. With Self-care, good examination, exercise, and properly fitting shoes, you can keep your feet healthy. 

We have come up with health tips that will keep you active and feet pain-free

  • Keep Your Feet Clean And Dry: 

Healthy feet start with good hygiene. We advise you to clean your feet with scrub and soap every day. After that, dry them well with a cotton towel. Make sure you dry them well between each toe. Any excess of water between the toes can create a great environment for a fungal infection. 

  • Examine Your Feet For Problem:

Perform a foot self-care exam once a week when you take a bath or shower. As you are drying off your feet, closely examine the soles for any scaling between your toes for peeling areas. And also, nail decoration can save your nails from nail fungal infection. If you have diabetes, you should regularly examine your feet since diabetes leads to a higher risk of foot sores and infection. 

  • Cut Toenails Properly: 

Every Sunday cut the nails and don’t trim too close to the skin, which can cause painful ingrown toenails. 

  • Avoid Sharing Footwears: 

Never share your footwears, even with your mom. Because it can lead to several foot problems, you can get the fungal infection by wearing people’s footwear. Always wear your footwear to maintain foot health. 

  • Orthotics: 

Orthotics is a medical device that you can wear inside your shoes to improve the feet’ pain and correct biomechanical foot issues. If you cannot walk properly due to foot pain, we advise you to purchase a good pair of orthotics. They can also help with the foot pain caused by medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, bursitis, etc. If you are looking for optimal feet san Antonio, you can get in touch with them via online. They provide you with highly customized orthotics that are good in quality and affordable. 

  • Protect Your Feet In A Public Area:

If you go to the gym, then we wear shower shoes because they are washable and protect your feet from fungal infections. Places like gyms, swimming pools, and lockers are infected with a fungal infection, so it is good to wear shower shoes when you visit these places. 

  • Know When To See Doctors:

The above-mentioned methods are good self-care foot care methods, but still you experience pain, then it is advisable to consult with a doctor. He will properly examine your feet and help you in the best possible way. 


We hope this comprehensive guide on feet care helps you a lot. Early intervention is the best way to avoid serious injuries. We advise you to purchase optimal feet san Antonio that will support your feet and address all the pain problems.