What King of Hair Care to choose for the summer

Sun, chlorine, salt water … In the summer, hair is seriously tested every day. In order to maintain the quality of good hair, discover a special care for yourself.

Special sunscreen for hair. Your hair is also sensitive to excess sun, like your skin, and can dry out during the summer, like your scalp, and this is the best way to get dandruff. To prevent hair hassle, apply daytime protective care. An action that takes only a few seconds, and using a spray without rinsing, which is especially important if your hair is thin and therefore more fragile, it is easy to fulfill.

Gentle or cleansing shampoo. With hot weather, hair tends to get dirty faster. Moreover, when you are going to pool, sea and beach, you often have to wash your hair, or even every day. In order to rid the scalp of sebum and sweat, and chlorine, sand and sea salt crystals that may be in it, choose a mild shampoo, so as not to harm the top layer of the scalp. The only exception is if you have oily hair: here you should bet on a cleansing formula that will effectively refresh your scalp.

Nourishing hair mask. In summer, the hair is easily dehydrated and it does not matter whether it is short, medium length or long. In order to increase its resistance to aggressive environmental effects, take care of your weakened hair, apply and leave for a few minutes the restoring mask after washing with shampoo to moisturize and deeply restore hair fiber. If you decide on bright strands, then you should choose a special care for dyed hair. This will help maintain color fastness during your holiday.

Try to take care of your hair and do not forget about proper treatment, especially in big cities, like NY! All in your hands!

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