What Is Strawberry Kush Strain and How To Grow The Strawberry Kush At Home?

1- What is strawberry kush? 

The strawberry kush is a different kind of marijuana. As the name suggests, the flavor of the strawberry kush is just like full-grown strawberries. The flavor of strawberry kush seeds is dominated by strawberries and by kush, giving the user a nice hit of the kush heritage.

Occasional use of strawberry kush seeds helps the user stay focused, makes the user calm and relaxed, and makes the person euphoric. While regular use of this strain will lead the person to be anxious all the time, the user will lose appetite, leading to insomnia and depression. 

It is also one of the best flavors available in the market due to its ancestry from Strawberry cough and OG Kush. Regular users might know about the kush strain and how good the after-effects of these strains are. What most people don’t know about strawberry kush is that, since it is a hybrid, this weed contains 70% of the indica ancestry, making the user more peaceful and calm. 

2- Effects of strawberry kush seeds

Being a hybrid, the strawberry kush seeds have both the traits of sativa and indica. Sativa elevates the high of the user while the indica makes the user more relaxed. Strawberry kush seeds are more preferred because the effects of high take the person to another level. 

In the beginning, the person will feel the urge to eat whatever he can, and then once the stomach is full, the person finds a sweet spot for sleeping with 70% indica that is bound to happen. Most people prefer smoking this strain during the afternoon. This gives them enough time to enjoy the happy time and then drift off to sleep by evening or night. 

3- Aroma and flavor of strawberry kush seeds

Guess what you get the smell of in the strawberry kush seeds? Strawberry. At first, when you smoke the joint, you’ll feel the aroma to be a bit sharp and sour. Users have also noticed a slight taste of citrus content in the joint. Once the smoke engages all the senses, the next flavor kicks in is the diesel flavor that gives this joint a thick smoke. Smokers have often described the smoke of the strawberry kush seeds that makes the users start coughing. 

4- How to grow strawberry kush seeds at home? 

One of the ideal plants to grow indoors is the strawberry kush seeds. This is the ideal choice because the strawberry kush seeds plant is comparatively smaller, which gives the user medium to high yield.

Strawberry kush seeds also take less time to yield. They start flowering after the first 8-10 weeks and make them the perfect choice for indoor plants, with the original strain having almost all the anti characteristics. The strawberry kush seeds are one of the few plants that require very little maintenance and care. 

Strawberry kush seeds are best grown when they are indoors, and the yield of the plant is also around 500-550 grams per plant. They require to grow lights for perfect blossoming, and when planted outside, it has been observed that the plants tend to give very low yield. 

5- Side-effects of strawberry kush seeds

The typical side-effects of smoking weed can be experienced, such as dry mouth and dry eyes. Whereas the strawberry kush seeds have some severe side-effects of the user being more depressed and anxious with continuous usage. 


The strawberry kush seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co is one of the best strains available in the market.