What is erectile dysfunction, and what are the causes of it?

What is erectile dysfunction?

Men would have experienced the inability to get or maintain an erection firm enough to complete the sexual intercourse with their partners. This condition of being unable to have a hard erection during sex is known as erectile dysfunction. There are several reasons for this condition including physical and mental conditions. If a young adult man faces this problem, it is termed as impotence, while it is common in men above forty years of age. You can find several treatment methods are available for erectile dysfunction. One of the commonly used medications is the intake of avanafil, an approved drug for erectile dysfunction. However, you should consult with a doctor before taking any kind of drugs since there will be dangerous interactions of some medications that you already take or diseases you have. In this article, let us discuss the causes of erectile dysfunction in brief.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

Sexual intercourse requires both physical and mental stability. If there is an issue with any of these, men could not be able to perform well in bed. The causes for erectile dysfunction are of two types as below,

  • Physical conditions
  • Mental conditions

Physical conditions

Body fitness and responsiveness are required during sexual action. If you have any issues with your physical condition, you may not get a firm erection. Some of these physical conditions that cause erectile dysfunction are as below.

  • Heart-related diseases will not let you have a firm erection and satisfying sexual intercourse
  • Diabetes patients often face the issue of erectile dysfunction
  • If you are obese, erectile dysfunction is common with age
  • Spinal injuries or surgeries that involve operating in the spinal cord will make it difficult to have sex or an erection
  • Diseases like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and other complications will also contribute to erectile dysfunction
  • Prostate cancer people will have erectile dysfunction
  • Bad habits like alcohol consumption and tobacco usage will contribute to ED

Mental conditions

Sex may seem like the use of body and hormones alone. But your mental relaxation plays a vital role in sexual intercourse. If you are stressed with other problems, you cannot arise even if stimulated by your partner. Some of these mental conditions that cause difficulties in erection are as below.

Stress – External stress and mental pressure will not let your brain to relax, and it will prevent you from getting into the mood of sex, thus restricting a firm erection.

Anxiety and depression – Some men will be anxious to have sex. These anxiety problems will be due to the lack of self-confidence, inferiority complex, and other factors. A depressed person will not get an erection, firm enough to enjoy the sexual activity to the core.

Relationship issues – Lovemaking has got its name from affection. Partners should have a love for each other and should involve in sex with whole-heartedly. If there are any issues in the relationship, men can experience difficulties in getting a stiff erection although they involve in sex.