Surgery Options For Your Breasts

Many people are not fortunate to have breasts that they desire. While other areas of the body can be changed by exercising and a healthy diet, breasts are something that we get genetically. No matter if they are too small, too big, asymmetrical or limp, for every problem, there is a surgical solution for women, and also for men.

Breast increasing procedure

This procedure is adequate for women who think that their breasts are too small or asymmetrical. Breast augmentation has improved much more than before giving you many options when it comes to breast implants. Besides regular implants, today there are saline implants that are much safer if it comes to implant damage.

Implants are one option that can enhance your breasts, and there is also a reliable stem cell breast augmentation Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne that can size up your breast by injecting fat tissue from some other part of your body. First, the doctor will decide from which body part your fat will be taken by liposuction and after purifying, fat tissue will be placed into your breasts.

Breast lift

For women who have sagging breasts, a breast lift can be a great solution. Usually, women’s breasts begin to sag due to aging, after pregnancy, after losing a significant amount of weight or simply due to genetics. If your areolas are facing downward, and your breasts don’t have enough volume, you are a good candidate for a breast lift.

Lifted breasts will suite your body better

The surgeon will remove the excess skin, while your areolas will be placed more into the center of your breasts, giving you the well-positioned breasts.

Downsizing male breasts

Yes, there is a procedure that can change the look of the male breasts and it’s known as gynecomastia procedure. The procedure is quite simple. The surgeon will remove the excess fat tissue using the liposuction technique and making a little incision so the scars will be barely noticeable. At you can get more information, and see the results of this procedure.

Bigger male breasts can be reduced

Breast reduction

This is one more very important procedure for women who have big breasts. Maybe it seems strange, why would someone reduce the size of their breasts, but there are many reasons for making this decision. Besides the aesthetics where women are not satisfied with the relation of their body and breasts, these big breasts can cause different health issues.

From pain in their back, neck and sometimes headaches from the chronic back and neck pain, the big breast can cause problems with posture, circulation, and skin under the breasts. After the procedure, women usually notice that the pain is gone, that they can carry their breasts much easier, and some activities become easier.

Final word

Breasts are an important part of the body for many people, and that is why they decide to improve their look. Usually, after the procedure, they feel much more satisfied in their skin, which is the goal of cosmetic procedures.