Science-Based Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction treatment centers don’t have to present the same outdated opportunities. Religion-based recovery isn’t always the right answer for everyone and for some it just feels like unnecessary pressure. Reviewing details about a science-based addiction program shows patients what to expect when entering treatment.

Evaluating Biological Factors of Addiction

Evaluating biological factors of addiction presents individuals with the basics of addiction and shows them how addiction affects their bodies. First, it presents permanent changes in the brain that increase the release of dopamine and serotonin in the body. Next, the controlled substance or alcohol cause weight loss, damages the organs, and make it impossible for the body to get proper nutrition. Addressing the damage and discovering how to repair damage when possible can make the patient healthy. Understanding the biological factors of addiction helps patients comprehend that addiction is an illness that requires treatment according to how these biological factors affect the body and mind.

Starting New Exercise and Diet Plans

Starting new exercise and diet plans helps the individuals recondition the body and become healthier. The diet addresses any nutritional concerns they are facing and improves the way they absorb vitamins and minerals in food. It also helps some patients either gain or lose weight depending on which is healthier for them. Exercising each day improves their dopamine and serotonin levels. This can lower the desire to use drugs or alcohol. Individuals who want to learn more about a new exercise and diet plan for recovery can contact ARC Rehab Center in Portsmouth for more answers now.

Taking a Realistic Approach to a Better Life

Taking a realistic approach to a better life shows the patients what is possible after rehab. They can work on their issues with their counselor and get reacquainted with themselves and learn to love themselves more. The counselors won’t place any guilt on the patients or play the blame game. Patients are encouraged to assess anything that has gone wrong in their lives and determine what they need to be happy. Happiness comes from within and it is important for the patients to discover how to make themselves happier during recovery.

Rebuilding Positive Relationships

Rebuilding positive relationships helps the individuals regain bonds with their family and loved ones. Addiction takes a toll on these relationships and makes it difficult for them to get along. Addiction makes people act out of character and say cruel things to each other. Violence is also possible with addiction and can lead to irreparable damage among family members. Reviewing better strategies for rebuilding the patient’s life helps them to get more out of their recovery program.

Addiction treatment centers present new techniques for treating addiction and giving patients a better rate of success. Reviewing biological factors that attribute to addiction shows the individual how it affects their bodies and minds. A science-based treatment program shows the patients how to restart their lives and get the most out of their recovery. Anyone who is suffering from addiction and wants to get help contact a counselor right now.