Prevent Cancer: Crucial Oncology Facts To Know

A branch of medicine that majorly focuses on the treatment of various types of cancers is known as oncology. It also includes various methodologies that are known to prevent and diagnose cancer. All the prominent cancer hospitals in Hyderabad and otherwise have some of the best oncologists in India and are paving a path for the much-needed medical transformation by indulging in oncology practices that can save a significant number of cancer patients’ lives in future. 

Various types of cancers can affect people in numerous ways. That’s why it is extra important to know about crucial oncology facts. Cancer, as you know, is a cluster of cells that grows uncontrollably anywhere in the body. First, it remains small in size and then, grows considerably. 

The latest studies suggest that the cancer is progressing faster than ever. This is the griming reality which needs to be changed as early as possible. With the advancement of medical science, a lot of viable methods have been devised to ramp up the treatment of cancer of all stages. While a lot of these methods are working well, there is no confirmed medicine or treatment that can eliminate cancer completely. That’s why oncologists need to work harder and devise novel methodologies for the complete elimination of cancer. 

Who is an oncologist? 

A medical professional who is involved in the study of every crucial aspect related to cancer i.e. their formation, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, treatment etc. is known as an oncologist.

Important facts about oncology you must know: 

         In medical oncology, there are several procedures and methods that tell how medicines impact the spread of cancer in a patient’s life. 

         Oncologists are responsible for deeply analysing the impact of medicines on the patient’s body. Working in association with radiologists and pathologists, they are looking forward to delivering the best therapeutic results.

         In oncology, various other treatments like surgery and radiation therapy are used in addition to chemotherapy for achieving faster and better results. At times, just chemotherapy works fine for cancer patients. 

         The main types of drug therapies for patients are: 

  1. Conventional therapy: It includes treating cancer cells that are rapidly dividing. If not stopped early, this rapid division of cancer cells may adversely impact the DNA structure. 
  2. Biologic therapies: In this therapy, various kinds of molecules and inhibitors are designed to stop the rapidly growing cancer cells. They are designed to specifically attack the cancel and do not affect the healthy cells in an adverse manner. 
  3. Hormonal therapies: This kind of therapy is best for patients suffering from breast, prostate, and ovarian cancers and majorly works on improving the estrogen besides androgen function in the body of the patient suffering from cancer. 

In addition, oncology also treats patients who are suffering from terminal malignancies. From screening to the final treatment process, it includes each and everything. Prominent breast cancer hospitals in Hyderabad and other places in India are also leveraging the core aspects of oncology to treat women with breast cancer and helping them to enhance their quality of life.