How to Avoid Knee Injuries While Skiing

If you live in the Saratoga Springs area, then the chances are that you consider yourself an avid skier. Anyone who spends time on the mountain knows that knee injuries can be pretty common. Below I will talk about the ways that you can avoid these injuries, but in the event, you do injure yourself, an orthopedic doctor may be able to help.

Skiing hard on a fresh powder day is certainly tempting, but you don’t want it to be your final of the season! You can decrease your odds of these frequent ski knee injuries by remembering a few key points:

1. Ski Within Your Ability

Consistently ski within your ability and ensure that you keep yourself steady. Keeping your weight forwards (although maybe not too much forward) with your hips and knees bent can help you keep a balanced posture. Leaning back forces your feet forward on your boots (ouch) and guarantees you will be on your rear end more often than you want. Of course, it’s good to push yourself and get better, but remember that it takes time!

2. Take Breaks!

It’s easy to get overly excited when there’s so much fresh snow but remember, if this is the first time around for the season (or the decade), take it slow! Skiing is a workout, and if you haven’t been doing many (or any) leg exercises, even a few runs can take their toll fast. Do not overdo it. Of course, if you overdo it, an orthopedic doctor can save the day!

3. Get Into Ski Shape

If you have enough time to start conditioning before you go, take action! Even only a couple of weeks of core and leg exercises will make a difference and help decrease your odds of common skiing knee injuries. An orthopedic doctor in Saratoga Springs can help you get into shape prior to the season. If you’ve had knee problems in the past, they can help mitigate future issues.

Before you take on the ski season, try to follow these tips. Unfortunately, injuries do happen even with proper preparation, but thank goodness there’s an orthopedic doctor in the area that can help. They can use non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments. This doctor will customize a treatment plan for you and give you the best plan possible!

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