You are Beautiful

You are beautiful, like the waves of the sea.

You are beautiful, like green clovers on glens so neat.

You are beautiful, bright and blue and as big as the sky

These words were written for you do you know why?

You are beautiful; this is my thought of you today.

Without reservation dare I Say.

These words are for you straight from my heart. Where shall I

begin? Where shall I start? As I wrap my thoughts around your heart.

Your eyes tell a story of hurt and pain. Let’s start anew and forget

the bad things.

You are beautiful. So please listen as I express my love.

As I extend my arms with words that hug.

Copyright © 2007, Vernon E. Lee. All Rights Reserved.

Poetry is more of an art form than a science. Poetry can express a multitude of
feelings. Have you ever taken a trip to a foreign land, or seen a beautiful mountain.
Life is poetry in motion. Take some time to smell the flowers.
There is still some beauty in this crazy world.
If you look deep inside of yourself you will also see that. “you are beautiful”

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