I Have Less and Less Hot Water. What Can I do?

Friday, August 5, 2016

You're starting to notice that the hot water just isn't lasting like it once was. It's hot enough, but runs out quicker than you remember. If you are finding you have less and less hot water, its time to see what the problem is. It's the kind of mystery that professional Plumbing Detectives (http://www.plumbingdetectives.com.au/) are used to seeing, and they have a few tips of advice.

Double Check

It could just be your imagination that your hot showers seem to be shrinking. Get a timer going and actually measure how long your hot water is lasting. The reduction may not be as significant as you think. Also, ask if someone else in the home has recently done something to use up water that you don't know about. Your hot shower might have gotten cut short because the dishwasher started up a load.

Check the Tank

Since the temperature seems to still be properly hot at first, you know that the element in your tank is at least still functioning. The catch is figuring out why there is less of it. Chances are there is a problem with the upper heating element. The lower one is working fine, which is why the water first out of the tank is flowing nice and hot. But the water at the top of the tank is not hot, so you run out of heat in a much shorter period of time.

Another symptom of this would be that you seem to have more hot water first thing in the morning, or after a period of non-use. That's because the single element takes a long time to heat up the whole tank, meaning you do have more hot water after the tank has been sitting for a while.

Replacing the element in a hot water tank isn't a simple job though someone handy with tools should be able to do it. Otherwise, call a professional plumber to have a look. It's still going to be cheaper for you than replacing the entire tank.

Once the professional has taken a look, and if you do need to replace the entire tank, take a little time to get the right size system to make sure you have adequate hot water in the future.

Reduce Your Usage

If your tank is fine and you're finding that your hot water volumes just aren't quick enough due to increased usage in your home, there are a few other things you can do to make it last. A common way to be more efficient with your hot water is to replace your shower heads with low-flow models. It doesn't actually change how much hot water you have on hand, but does stretch it out longer.

Get More Hot Water

Sometimes its not about a slow reduction of hot water over time. Sometimes it's simply that there isn't enough in the tank for all the people and tasks. When you suddenly realize that you simply do not have enough hot water to go around, time to improve your system. Perhaps a tankless (on-demand) hot water system would give you the amounts you need without waiting for the tank to heat up again.


The surprise behind the science of tattoos

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Some love them, some hate them, but that’s just life really! Today we will be talking about the way tattoos work. If you are looking for a temporary tattoo instead of committing to a real one, head to www.TemporaryTattoos.com for a wide range of custom temporary tattoos.

The First Reaction:

The first reaction your body has when you start getting a tattoo might be nerves. Most people associate tattoos with a huge amount of pain. Although the pain rarely lives up to the hype, all that apprehension is great for the heart.

Adrenaline is what follows, when the needle starts punching through the skin the body believes it is in danger and starts releasing the energy infused adrenaline in order to give you a chance to run away! Endorphins are also released by the brain when your body experiences pain in order to stop your mind from being completely inundated with pain reflexes. So, getting tattooed makes you quite high!

The benefits for your self-esteem that come from having a new tattoo should linger for a few weeks, especially if it's your first tattoo and you get plenty of compliments. This is just an added bonus to the entire experience, building your confidence every step of the way. This boon is apparently shorter for women as, after a few weeks they start to worry about how others perceive the tattoos.

Ancient Medicines:

Historians have uncovered evidence that ancient civilizations used to perform a tattoo on particular acupuncture areas in order to give long lasting therapeutic relief. Even today some practices are tattooing people with arthritic joints, with most patients expressing pain relief.

The way Tattoo guns work:

Most people seem to think that the needle injects the ink into your skin, like most needles we are used to. However, the ink is just deposited onto the skin and the way the needle punctures the skin in such a rapid motion causes the ink to be sucked into the pores which open and close with ridiculous speed.

Invasive ink:

Ink doesn't just stain the skin, what happens is a bit more in depth. As the needles puncture the skin and the ink is sucked into the skin, your body starts working on patching up those holes. But it also has to deal with an invasive element, the ink. The cells seek to destroy the ink and repair the skin but what happens is that the ink gets trapped in the dermis layer of your skin, leading to a permanent color of the affected area.

Ink is a mystery:

The ink that artists use varies from place to place and time to time, and the compounds of the inks are a closely guarded secret and change from one producer to another. This means that you never really know what is being put into your skin. Some folks argue that tattoo ink is a carcinogen, however due to the unknown elements of the inks and variations in production, this is loosely based on hearsay.