Special Birthdays For Your Family This Year

Friday, May 12, 2017

Theres no better time than a birthday to show family members how important they are. Make this year special for all of the loved ones in your home by planning ahead. Weve outlined some fun gift and party ideas that you can incorporate into your familys upcoming birthday celebrations!

Encourage Party Themes

Make an effort to encourage your familys birthday party themes this year. Themes are a great way to increase engagement and have a little fun at a birthday event, but theyre often only half-heartedly followed. In order to ensure that everyone fully participates make sure to create incentives for those who embrace your partys theme. Create a Best Dressed award for the person with the best outfit or costume and inform people of the prize well in advance of the party. Theres nothing better than an entire party fully embracing the genre of your celebration!

Custom Gifts for Children

It has become increasingly easy to purchase customized gifts at affordable prices. If your child likes skateboarding consider getting him a skateboard with his name on the deck. If they like soccer get them cleats with their name embroidered most major brands have this as an available option! If they like dolls consider allowing them to customize their own doll, or get one made to look just like your child! As a kid, theres nothing more fun than getting a gift thats customized specifically for you!


This idea is for the adults or teenagers in your family. The majority of jewelers will be able to offer custom engraving on almost any type of accessory your purchase from them. Watches are timeless and can be personalized through a short message or slogan engraved on the back. This is the perfect way to combine a personal gift with something material that your family member wants.

Custom Book of Letters or Photos

Many online publication companies will now allow you to customize a book of photos or letters. This can also be a great way to incorporate people who are unable to attend the party. If you have family overseas, they could write a heartfelt letter that could be included in a book full of letters from friends and family. This is a great birthday gift idea for families who are spread out across the world.

Plan Ahead

One of the best ways to ensure your loved one feels important is to make sure that everything is well thought out and planned ahead. People can tell when something is disorganized or done last minute make sure you plan guest lists and party themes well in advance so people can commit to the party. Theres nothing better than a well-organized and well attended birthday event!


3 Tips for Finding the Right Summer Eyewear

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

After a few hours of shopping, I reached into my tote and pulled out my favorite pair of sunglasses. I slowly pulled them from their case and began to put them in place. Unfortunately, I've had them for a very long time and one of the arms fell off! So, at the next store, I spent near half an hour trying on pair after pair of sunglasses - only to ultimately walk out without having made a decision.

Why is finding the right pair of sunglasses so difficult? There's so much that I judge and weigh as I stare myself down in the tiny mirrors that sit beside the sunglasses. Are they the right shape? Are the frames the right color? Are the lenses too dark or not dark enough? Will they fall off when I ride bicycles with the kids - and can I wear them as we hike? Maybe they're best fitted for a relaxing day at the beach? I should probably get several pairs - each perfect for a specified use, right? I also wear contact lenses - but don't always wear contact lenses. This means that I may want to order a pair of prescription sunglasses. There's so much to consider.

After my week of trying to decide what I need to begin the summer, here are my top three suggestions for finding the right types of eyewear for this summer.

1. Prescription and Non-Prescription

I like to have both! My eyes can be so fickle from one day to the next. One morning I may have no trouble getting contacts to stay and other days they may refuse entirely. So, I need my sunglasses to fit both of these circumstances. For the days that I'll go sans contacts, I like to have my favorite frames and prescription shades close by so that I can easily switch between the two. If it's one of those glorious days where contacts are in agreement with my eyes - then I grab my non-prescription sunglasses. If you have a prescription, always be prepared and grab a pair of each type of sunglasses.

2. Your Summer Activities

Your daily activities will help determine which eyewear options are best for that day. There are days where we may not do too much. Perhaps a walk and a trip to the library. I prefer to go without the contacts and stick with my favorite eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses on those days. Other days, I may be out and about a lot - and would prefer not to have to switch between the different frames. On those days I wear contacts and my favorite non-prescription shades.

However, we may also go to the beach. On those days - I choose my lightweight sunglasses that goes better with a windy day in the sand. I also prefer a more tinted shade for those days. So much to consider, right?

I also grabbed a few prescription sunglasses frames for my husband and the kids - as they aren't currently wearing contacts but will need eye protection at the beach as well.

Have a summer wedding coming up? Grab a more trendy and stylish shade for those afternoon weddings.

3. Choosing Your Best Frame

Looking back through vacation photos - I've found that I haven't always made the right choice when deciding on sunglasses. The frames were sometimes right for my face and often were not. I hadn't known that different frame shapes would compliment my face better than others. When you're deciding on any eyewear, you should look for shapes that are in contrast with your face's shape. For instance, a round face will be complimented more when the eyewear has a square shape. It will help to contour the face a bit better. Those with an oval-shaped face may find that they can wear many different frame shapes. Oh how lucky for them! I found several options that will fit my face best at Discount Glasses. Since I need to buy several sets to get me through the summer - this was a great find.

What shape of frames are you loving this season?