All-Natural Teething Remedies

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Parents dread it when their kids start teething. Their irritability that accompanies their teeth development can feel more painful for you than your little ones. But don’t fear. We’re here to help with these all-natural teething remedies.

Find nutritious cold options for gnawing

You can find several edibles that can provide your child that magic relief of pressure (either cold or hot). Frozen bagels and frozen bananas are good choices. Chunks of frozen carrots and apples are also ideal.

To avoid choking, buy a baby safe feeder that lets you put a portion of food in a mesh bag so your child can eat those digestible amounts. Include frozen grapes as well. You may also use a reusable cloth teabag for the same purpose.

Let him chew on something

Your little one wants to bite something when he’s teething. Give him a clean toothbrush to chew on. The great thing about it is that he’ll get used to having a brush in his mouth. He’ll also have a gum massage.

A pacifier may also work as a gum massager. You may also offer breast milk placed in a soft-tipped sip cup.

Give him a frozen washcloth

But make sure it’s a clean washcloth. Soak it first in chamomile tea to give a total calming effect before you freeze it.

Lower his inflammation

The inflammation caused by teething can trigger nerves, thereby, causing pain. If you reduce the inflammation, you’re also relieving his pain.

One of the many ways to lower his inflammation is to go on a low-inflammation diet. It will include consumption of paleo-type of food, like fruits and vegetables, seafood, pastured meat and whole eggs, among others.

Boost immune system

Even though it’s not conclusive yet, whether or not teething can cause fever or colds, improving his immune system can’t hurt. It’ll also prevent babies from dealing with double ailments.

To boost his immune system, you should continue breastfeeding him. Breastmilk contains antibodies that can help in this situation.

You may also give him a vitamin D supplement in liquid form to get his levels up to a normal range. This kind of vitamin plays a significant role in the immune system.

Probiotics are also ideal as they can build healthy gut flora, which is vital for optimal immunity.

Use teething toys

Sometimes, all your baby needs is something that he can chew on to get through the teething pain. You can find a lot of teething toys. Make sure that you choose products that are safe and non-toxic.

One example is a silicone teething ring. It’s made of silicone, which is a safe choice. A wooden teether is also good. If the silicone option doesn't work, try a wooden teether.

He can also wear one of the amber necklaces by Baltic wonder. This kind of jewelry has been around for centuries. It’s been used as a folk medicine without having to use drugs or harsh ointments. The succinic acid in the amber will improve his mood and behavior. 

Final Thoughts

Teething isn't a new thing for parents. Several options are available to help your kids get through the pain of teething. Find those options that best suit your baby and make the most of it.


Tips for Fun Baby showers

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Have you agreed to the exciting opportunity to host a baby shower for a dear friend, family member or coworker? It’s an exciting time for everyone, most especially the mother-to-be. There are so many options, themes and opportunities to welcome a new mother. Follow these suggestions from the professional party planners and you’ll have a wonderful event full of memories to last a life time for the new mother.

The first step in planning is to determine the date, invitation list and budget. Often several friends or co-workers will co-host. This lessens the financial burden for each.  A private home or restaurant is often the most favorable venue. Once the date and guest list have been established either have invitations  printed and mailed or select an eVite website to use.  Let the guest know the venue, theme date and time of the event. If the mother-to-be has a gift registry, include this information on the invitation.

After a final head count of responses, begin to plan a menu for the event. Light salads and sandwiches together with a cake is the most appropriate. Decide on decorations and either paper products or dish ware for the food service.  Often those cohosting will assist in either purchasing or preparing the food for the event.

Consider the fun games and activities that are so popular at baby showers.  Have guests write words of wisdom on baby care for the new mother.  She’ll certainly appreciate that. Don’t forget the father to be If this is not a couples shower, take advantage of the great deals offered by Groupon coupons and spring for a selection of cigars from JR Cigars for the father to be.  It will certainly be appreciated. Designate one of the cohosts to keep a list of gifts for thank you notes. The mother to be will certainly appreciate this. Take plenty of pictures of the event which everyone will enjoy for years to come. Best of luck to you and the lucky mother to be.