Control facial spots during pregnancy

Face spots are one of the main concerns for women. They may appear due to sun exposure, certain medications (such as oral contraceptives), or hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause).

Today we will talk about the facial spots that appear during pregnancy.

Brown spots or melasma, also known as chloasma or “pregnancy mask”, is considered a condition that occurs to some pregnant ladies, which is characterized by the appearance of dark spots, mainly in areas exposed to sun such as: forehead, nose and cheeks with a darker tone than the rest of the skin.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can’t be avoided and most of the time, they have a negative impact on the skin, leading to the appearance of spots. In particular, there is an increase of estrogen and progesterone, both known liked to the increased synthesis of melanin, which can cause the skin to darken and spots to appear on the skin.

As you may already know, facial spots do not generate any type of pain, the problem is merely aesthetically, these spots do not harm either the mother nor the baby.

beautiful middle-aged woman applying moisturizer on her face on white background

In some cases, hyperpigmentation disappears after the pregnancy.

Consider that although it would be perfectly normal for spots to appear during your pregnancy, you should still protect your skin from sun exposure during any time of the year. During pregnancy, your skin is even more sensitive to the effects of sunrays, which is why you should try to reduce your sun exposure, in addition use creams and products that protect you and avoid the appearance of more spots.

This is why at Conffianz, we care so much and want to offer you high quality products that can help you avoid, control and counteract spots on your skin.

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This lotion focuses on reducing spots on your skin caused by sun, acne, hyperpigmentation and melasma. So start using it regularly along with your daily facial routine so you can forget about your facial spots.

To summarize, these are the causes of facial spots:

-Solar exposure




Do spots improve after having your baby?

After pregnancy and lactation, in most cases, melasma and chloasma usually disappear spontaneously. If this does not happen, you should resort to treatments or lotions to help you with the process of decreasing and then eliminating spots.