Why Have Outdated Addiction Treatments Failed?

Drug and alcohol addiction requires the addict to seek professional help through a rehabilitation center. It is vital for the addict to choose a program that meets their needs and will help them rebuild their life after recovery. Reviewing why outdated addiction treatments have failed shows the addict a better solution that could give them a new life.

Why are Treatments Based on Religious Principles Failing?

Since 1935, most drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs have been based on religious principles and a faith-driven perspective. Today, these principles don’t apply to all patients and too often it feels as though religion is forced on the addict as a means to meet an end when in fact it has the opposite results. The faith-based addiction programs don’t take into account that addiction isn’t about spirituality, but it is caused by biological changes in the patient’s body. New changes in rehabilitation programs are addressing these biological changes based on science and not faith.

Too often, the faith-based rehabilitation programs use guilt, blame, and shame to coerce patients into avoidance behaviors instead of treating the underlying cause of the addiction. The teachings of the faith-based addiction programs condemn the individual for their negative behavior patterns or “sins” instead of finding the culprit for the addiction. The blame and shame gain has failed many patients and led them right back to their addiction. Addiction treatment programs that are based on scientific facts don’t follow these principles and have shown greater promise for keeping the patients sober.

Science-based addiction treatment is based on the biological changes the addiction has caused and the best steps for repairing the body and neurological issues that thrive in addicts. Counseling based on trauma, negative life events, and the source of the addiction helps the patient find healthier coping mechanisms that won’t damage the body or cause further addictions. Reviewing these options through ARC Rehab in Portsmouth helps patients find a better solution than feeling condemned for an illness that controls them.

Why is the Approach to Fix Patients Not the Best Option?

Addiction programs of the past have approached addiction as a way to fix the patient. The truth is that no one can fix an addict, and it doesn’t matter how long the addict remains in rehab. The bottom line is that the addict must fix themselves. The addict must do the work to repair their body after overcoming the addiction, and the addict must spend their lives fighting to keep their addiction at bay. For some, it is necessary for the addict to continue therapy throughout their lives to manage trauma and learn a new way of life. Through a rehabilitation center, the addict gets the building blocks for their new foundation and new life. It is up to the addict how they use what they learn in rehab and apply their therapy to their everyday life.

Drug and alcohol addiction destroys families and lives. Understanding the cause of addiction and its biological changes helps addicts find recovery. Individuals who are facing addiction and need help contact a drug or alcohol addiction counselor now.