What to expect from our laser vision correction tests?

The questions continue, asking what type of vision you have the most trouble with and whether you have astigmatism or other vision problems.

Once the test is complete, simply enter your details. Durrie Vision does not sell your contact details and will only use them to contact you regarding the scheduling of possible vision correction surgery.

Get test results

At the final stage of testing, candidates for laser vision correction procedures are presented based on the submitted information. The result may also contain a list of other options.

Remember that a personalized treatment plan can only be determined by advanced diagnostic tests and examinations performed by an eye surgery specialist at the Overland Park office.

After completing the test and receiving the results, you will be contacted by Durrie Vision to discuss your next steps to improve your vision.

How to Learn About Vision Corrective Surgery Options for You

If you want to know more after completing our tests, the first step is to schedule a consultation. During your first appointment, a qualified health care provider will examine your eyes, identify vision problems, and discuss goals and other health concerns.

Using this additional information, DurrieVision can determine the best steps to improve your vision.

If you would like to learn more about laser vision correction, our website provides an overview of each procedure we offer, recovery times, and tips on how to prepare for eye surgery.

At Durrie Vision, surgical options include:

  • SBK advanced laser
  • Refractive Lens Replacement
  • refractive cataract surgery
  • Advanced superficial ablation – PRK
  • Smile vision correction
  • phakic intraocular lens
  • KAMRA corneal inlay
  • Corneal cross-linking in the cone

Pay for vision correction surgery

Even if you have amazing vision insurance, insurance companies tend not to pay for laser vision correction. But that doesn’t mean that improving vision is out of reach.

Overland Park’s DurrieVision helps fund eye surgery. Eligible patients pay a $0 payment, receive a 24-month deferred interest loan, and make long-term payments at no additional cost. You can also use FSA or HSA dollars to fund vision correction.

And if you compare the cost of Lasik Los Angeles to the average cost of eye care over 10 years, it’s lower than the average cost of contact lenses and comparable to the cost of glasses over the same period.

By comparing the cost, you can see that eye surgery is a worthwhile investment in your life.