What are the reasons behind infertility that shouldn’t be ignored?

The fertility topic is getting limelight for some time, especially among the couple who are trying to conceive. There are some cases; people have to go through the infertility issues. It is advisable that one shouldn’t ignore the signs that your body is giving about infertility. Regardless of gender, anyone can get the prominent symptoms of impotence and should immediately contact the doctors. 

Let’s start discussing the signs of infertility in both women and men that shouldn’t be ignored. 

Signs of infertility for women


  • Outbursts of acne


Women generally find the sudden facial changes in forms of acne, which is a clear indication of infertility. This happens because of irregular hormonal changes that can further results in PCOS or some other kind of pregnancy issue. 


  • Irregular periods


Irregular menstrual periods depend on the ovulation, which usually affects your pregnancy. Absence or heavy flow is one of the most noticeable signs of infertility. Apart from this, one should also look out for painful periods. 


  • Seeking a change in hair growth and weight gain


Hair growth and weight gain are considered to be underrated signs of fertility. This occurred because a female body starts producing male hormones. There are some females as well who begin experiencing hair loss due to autoimmune disorders. 

Signs of infertility for men


  • Experiencing testicular pain


Testicular pain comes with unannounced swelling and pain. Other than this, testicular torsion or the possible hernia might be a possible reason. So, one should contact the doctor if you are doubtful of any of these symptoms. 


  • Doubtful sex drive


Male hormones are responsible for increasing the sex drive. It becomes a matter of concern when there is an inability to produce sperms. Even the sex drive is hampered by the problems related to the pituitary gland and even the hypothalamus. 


  • Erectile dysfunction


Most of the males are nowadays face fertility issues. The cause behind it can be a metal framework, stress level, any kind of injury, or blood flow problems. Men shouldn’t ignore these signs as they are a clear indication of infertility. 

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