The Secret of Having Affordable Surgery in Poland

Medical tourism is increasingly popular, and when it comes to plastic surgery Poland is one of the countries coming to the fore. Thanks to the growth in popularity of cosmetic surgery abroad, leaving the UK for a country with favourable exchange rates and lower prices enables you to find the surgery or treatment you want at an affordable price. Just as in the UK, it is important to take much into consideration for any cosmetic surgery besides the cost. Read on to find out more about affordable plastic surgery in Poland.

Do Some Research

Always research the options in treatments and procedures for the body part you want to be changed. There are usually various ways to tackle the issue whether it’s your nose or breasts. You might find you are a better candidate for some procedures over others, and some options may promise better results.

Once you have decided on a procedure, review a number of clinics. Like any other country, there will be a good number of clinics offering cosmetic surgery in Poland. It is important to find a clinic you think you will be happy with. It’s hard to contemplate going abroad for surgery to find you’re not happy with the clinic when you get there. Check credentials of the doctors and aestheticians, check that they are certified in accordance with the country’s laws (which should be comparable to UK standards) and read online reviews before making a final choice.

Sign Up for Clinic Newsletters

You might find discounts or special pricing on the surgery you want. Simply visit clinics’ websites and sign up for their newsletter, which usually comes out once a month or more. You’ll always be on top of the latest trends and can take advantage of sales and specials when they become available.

Know the Full Cost

Before you book, knowing how much the surgery is going to cost is essential. You don’t want to be hit with other charges you haven’t factored in.

Not only do you need to know the cost of the procedure, but also the pre-care and aftercare. Look at the whole package. For example, do you need to be in the country for a few days before the surgery? Does the price include time in the clinic for aftercare? How many days will you be in the clinic and is the accommodation included in the price? Find out if you need medication afterwards and be sure it is available in the UK.

Paying for the Surgery

If you can’t afford to pay the whole cost in one go, ask about financing options. You may be able to make a down payment and then make monthly payments thereafter to finish paying for your surgery. You will accrue some interest charges, but this is still an affordable way to get your procedure.

Agree to Before and After Photos

If you agree to allow your surgeon to use your body for before and after photos, you’re in a good place to negotiate a discount in exchange. It’s not guaranteed, but it certainly never hurts to ask.