The Elements of Tantric Massage

There are many types of massages and, in fact, tantric massages are a category of massages. We will quote 4 main categories:

Physiotherapy massages: These are conventional medical treatments.

Well-being massages: They bring relaxation to the physical body and relieve stress.

Sexual massages: These are massages with a sexual intention. The romantic foreplay between a man and a woman can be sexual massages. On the internet, prostitutes offer massages under the name “tantric massages”, but which are not. What they offer are sexual massages but the name “tantric” gives a more qualitative connotation.

Tantric massages: These are massages that will take into account the body in all its dimensions: physical, energetic, spiritual, emotional without the intention of sexual arousal.

But the name or the type of massage is not necessarily the most important. The most important thing is to choose a masseuse that suits you, according to your expectations, your feelings and the limits of each. This is even truer for tantric massages than for other types of massages.

  • Tantric massages are energy treatments for the whole body. They are soft and slow. They allow the various energy centers of the body to be linked together. The Source of all body energies is found in sexual energy (root chakra).
  • Tantric massages can stimulate this vital energy, nourish the emotional and spiritual centers and circulate it everywhere.
  • These are massages in energetic waves of the body as a whole. They connect the root chakra (seat of sexuality but also of power and anchoring), to the chakra of the solar plexus (seat of our emotions), to the chakra of the heart (seat of our feelings), up to the crown chakra (seat of our spirituality).
  • The tantric massage is one of the components of tantra, a spiritual current from India. It can be done with or without protocol.

The best known tantric massage is the Kashmiri massage

If we take into account my definition of tantric massage, the Taoist Sensual massage, came from China, is also a tantric massage. This massage was invented at the same time as Chinese medicine, to increase the health and longevity of an emperor of China by working on his sexual energy (Chi or Kundalini), without seeking excitement. This life energy diffused throughout the body will repair everything that needs it and untie all energy blockages.

Procedure of a tantric massage

It is impossible to do an erotic massage in five minutes.

Here is the instructions:

Choose a time and place where no one will bother you for at least two hours.

Important point: you must both be totally naked.

  • You need a massage oil with a discreet scent (too heady a smell can be annoying) but also incense and candles for a cozy atmosphere.
  • Opt for soothing music that both of you enjoy. Music makes you travel. It will punctuate your gestures and accompany you gently.
  • Think of accessories like a feather or a veil, ideal for touching.

Harmonize your breathing with that of your partner, then let your hands run over his whole body, alternating pressures, touches, kneading, as if your hands were only sliding on the body of your partner.

Do not try to “do well”. Let yourself go, your body and your mind will serve as guides. Play with erogenous zones without going as far as masturbation and frustration, by giving them up temporarily before coming back. Make him happy and make you happy, in short.