The Best Thing for The Perfect Whey protein

We all know that protein powder optimizes recovery as well as muscle growth and development in the context of the practice of sport and more specifically bodybuilding. Whey or commonly called “prot” in the gym, is a flagship product for all bodybuilding, bodybuilding and even crossfit practitioners. Whey protein optimizes muscle growth and is safe for health. It is not essential but may be necessary to fill your protein intake for the day, mainly around your workouts. Whey protein is the most consumed protein in the world of bodybuilding and has been recognized as the most effective for dry muscle development. The Best Whey Protein can be the best deal there.

What are proteins?

Proteins represent a set of amino acids which will be digested, degraded and absorbed in the digestive tract to be transported in the blood to the muscles. Proteins are the main nutrients essential for the maintenance and development of muscle mass. Proteins have anti-catabolic properties allowing you to rebuild your damaged muscle fibers during your workout.

Among the wide choice of proteins, we will focus on whey protein which means in English, “whey”. Indeed, “whey protein” or “whey protein” consists of the liquid that we find on the surface in yogurts. The amino acids of whey are the most assimilated by our body and can effectively improve your recovery and muscle development. In summary, whey is dehydrated milk.

Whey can be declined in different types of whey to suit all practitioners

Whey concentrate

Whey concentrate is the cheapest protein on the market because it is the least filtered. It has a protein concentration of less than 90% and can cause digestion problems, bloating or stomach upset for the most sensitive. You can use it as a Mass Gainer there.

Lactose-free whey

Lactose-free whey has a faster assimilation rate than other protein sources to be able to start the muscle anabolism phase. It has a low content of carbohydrates and lipids and is mainly intended for people concerned about their health as well as lactose intolerant. It is a quality protein to help you build dry muscle.

Whey plain

Whey Nature is a protein powder without flavor, intended to help you optimize your recovery and muscle development while making your favorite recipes. Indeed, you can mix it with any liquid of your choice. This protein is mainly intended for people wishing to consume whey protein in specific recipes or wishing to add their own favorite flavors. So you can for example make cakes, pancakes, waffles or protein pancakes. Go for the Zotezo there now.

The native Whey

Native whey is still very recent on the sports nutrition market and is characterized by its high quality. It is an under – natured protein obtained from gentle pasteurization to keep the protein intact with all amino acids. It has no residue and has been obtained with the least processing and processing than other whey products. It is obtained by cold filtration of the milk made and by the use of membrane technologies. Native whey is therefore of higher nutritional quality than other sources of protein available on the market.

Whey isolate

Whey isolate is the protein source of choice for bodybuilders. This whey protein is complete and concentrated with an intake of more than 80% protein and contains the 8 essential amino acids necessary for proper assimilation. It is very often low in fat, low in calories, low in sugar and contains almost no more lactose, it is easy to digest and very quickly assimilated by the body. Whey isolate is therefore an excellent source of protein to use around training to avoid muscle catabolism and accelerate recovery. It has a high biological value and is of higher purity than other whey.