Successful Weight Loss – It’s All About Support

When it comes to the world of diets and weight loss, there are a few standout performers. Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are of course iconic household names, familiar even to those who aren’t interested in dieting or losing weight. But have you ever wondered just why these companies have succeeded where many others have failed?

Probably one of the most important services provided by companies like these, and other similar successful weight loss companies, is a sense of community for members. This network of support literally enfolds members, keeping them motivated, encouraging them to keep going through the difficult patches, and sharing their success when they achieve weight loss goals. The regular meetings bring together people from disparate backgrounds, with different interests, goals, and ambitions. However, they all share one important goal; they are all on a mission to lose weight. That common goal creates a bond amongst people who probably ordinarily would never have met. In many cases, these friendships continue long after the meetings and the membership have stopped.

Companies like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers have also figured out what works, and what doesn’t work. They have developed patterns for success but they also recognize the need to be flexible. Not everyone can, or wants to, attend regular meetings but they’re not left high and dry to cope on their own. There are online alternatives available by way of message boards, online forums, chat groups and similar support groups.

Another reason for their success is that they’ve developed systems that simplify the onerous task of ‘counting calories’. Who wants to have to do that with every mouthful of food! With the help of comprehensive websites and points systems, they’ve made it easy for members to quickly figure out how many calories they’ve consumed. These websites also provide a huge amount of information and advice for members, including recipes, nutritional information, and dietary advice.

Successful dieting isn’t just about watching food intake either. A healthy lifestyle requires a certain amount of exercise, and when it’s combined with a healthy balanced diet, weight loss results are achieved far more rapidly than doing either on their own. Keeping the weight off post diet also requires a major shift in the way people think about food and exercise. Good eating habits and regular exercise must become habitual if weight loss is to be maintained. 

Of course there are also other ways of losing weight if joining one of the big guns of the weight loss industry isn’t your cup of tea. You can try some of the other diet programs out there, or enlist the aid of dietary supplements that help curb appetite, like the Sarah Johnson weight loss pill. However, even with these aids, getting support for your weight loss efforts is important, as is recognizing that permanent life style changes are required for sustainable and long-term weight loss.