Lap Band Surgery Diet: The Do’s & Don’ts

Are you are considering going under a lap band surgery treatment, or have you already gone under the procedure? Then, it is essential to understand the importance of a proper diet after lap band surgery.The surgery aims to reduce the extra amount of weight from a person’s body by closing off a portion of the stomach, which makes it hard to intake a lot of food. The person who takes the treatment feels it difficult to ingest a large amount of food, and sometimes discomfort can be felt.

It is generally advisable to go on an all-liquid diet for at least a period of 2 weeks. After the person can resume taking semi-solid food items as a part of their lap band surgery diet. Later on, solid foods can be introduced, but the portion size needs to be small. Although, the medical professional supervising your surgery will provide you proper guidelines about the type of diet you should be following. Let us have a look at some tips that a person must follow after undergoing lap band surgery.

Tips: What To Eat After Lap Band Surgery?

Here are some tips that will come in handy:

    • Binge on Fruits & Veggies

In the initial stages, it is highly recommended to stay on liquid or pureed food items. So, what is better than fruits? You can prepare pureed vegetable dishes, apple sauce, etc. According to various Mexico lap band surgeryspecialists, this is the best way to take care of your health and successful treatment. Make sure not to consume fruit skin.

    • Do Not Drink & Eat at The Same Time

It is highly important to remain hydrated after your surgery. But, since the treatment reduces your stomach’s size, it is not practical to drink and eat at the same time as it may lead to discomfort. Hence, make sure not to drink anything at least 10 minutes before eating anything or 45 minutes after your meal.

    • Avoid These Foods

Food items like pasta, lime, bread are very harmful to the body after your surgery as their size expands upon coming in contact with the gastric fluids. Even prominent Mexico lab band surgeryexperts advise against consuming these.

    • Keep The Portions Small

Size the decreased of your stomach will not allow you to have large portions of foods as it may cause pain in the stomach. So, keep the size of your food portions small.