How To Pick Up Beautiful Women

It’s interesting that anyone should specify picking up “beautiful women” as opposed to just picking up “women” – as if “beautiful women” were an entirely different species to other “women” and therefore required an entirely different approach. Whilst there are some psychological characteristics inherent in beautiful women that maybe aren’t as prominent in their plainer looking sisters, they still have exactly the same needs and can therefore be wooed in the same way.

But having said that – there are a couple of subconscious processes that are constantly being performed by women, and probably even more so by beautiful women – and if you are aware of these processes, then you are in a position to use them to your seductive advantage.

The two subconscious processes that women are constantly performing whilst interacting with men are “confirmation” and “validation”.

Confirmation is when she confirms to herself that certain assumptions that she’s made about you are true. She will be building a story about you in her head and every now and again she will want to check that the story she’s putting together is indeed accurate. Hence she will ask you a question and your answer will allow her to confirm what she is already thinking, or not, in which case she may ask another clarifying question to confirm her new thought.

Validation is when she looks to you to confirm thoughts that she has about herself. This can be a potent tool for the seducer, particularly when it comes to good looking women. Let’s look at why:

In the normal course of a day a beautiful woman will attract a number of favourable looks and comments from the men that come into her life. Each one of these looks and comments goes towards validating what she most probably believes about herself – that she is an attractive female.

Now what happens when a man comes into her life who doesn’t automatically compliment her? If the contact is a fleeting one, then it will soon be forgotten but if the contact is an extended one, then you will soon find a situation where she begins to crave the compliment because she needs the validation from everybody. You’d probably think that if 98% of men gave her the validation, she wouldn’t be that fussed about what the other 2% think. Not true. The dissonance created by a man not automatically doing what every other man does can really set her on edge.

Ever seen an ordinary or even ugly guy with a stunner on his arm? There are 2 things I can guarantee you: 1. He had loads of personal authority and; 2. He didn’t automatically lavish compliments on her when they first met. If he had, then he would have served his validatory purpose and been dispensed with.