Great Choices for the best CBD Oil

We would very much like it to be just a memory of youth, but it can be tough and come back to say hello, and more often than not. Induced acne: acne caused by contact with different products (cosmetic products, but also mineral oils and other chemical substances, etc.) Mechanical acne: caused by repeated friction on a particular area. Using the UK CBD Oil is a proper option there. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory effects in cells and prevents acne-triggers

The mechanism of acne, quick reminder:

Acne is a kind of chain reaction caused by several factors:

  • A stimulation created by hormones (often) or stress (sometimes) which will cause sebaceous hypersecretion (the skin is more oily than usual, you shine like a beacon at night),
  • A thickening skin and a sebum which flows less well = appearance of black spots (MIAM),
  • These two phenomena will create an environment which will promote the proliferation of bacteria (this is the orgy of P. Acnes and Staphylococci),
  • And we get a nice inflammation of the fabrics, and therefore the arrival of charming red and white buttons (yes, we really have a range of super nice colors).But some factors may be quite different.

Your hair products:

When do you wash your face when you shower? First?

Acne and Hair Products

  • We have been doing this for a long time. And then, we was explained that shampoos and conditioners can contain ingredients that cause acne (silicones, different mineral or vegetable oils, vegetable butters that are good for hair but can be comedogenic, etc.).
  • So a word of advice, we wash our faces last, it allows to get rid of all the residue of products, which anyway, were not supposed to be on the face.
  • Same thing for styling products, when you put it in your hair (especially for spray formats), it is better to avoid overflowing too much on the skin. For my part; we protect my face with my hands during application.

Your pillowcase:

We do not sleep peacefully on my back at night without moving. My husband would love it, but it turns out that we move a lot, we turn around, and fatally, we rub my face and my hair on my pillow.


A pillowcase on which we spend an average of 78 hours per night will therefore quickly end up smeared with different products: hair products, cosmetic products but also of course sebum. If you don’t wash it regularly, the pillowcase quickly becomes a nest for bacteria. In case of acne, it should therefore be changed at least once a week, or even twice. And yes! Smile

Your cell phone:

A cell phone = a walking bacteria nest. We fiddle with it all day, it drags in the bottom of our bag, and we put it anywhereimagines what it picks up as unpleasant stuff!

Acne mobile attention bacteria

As much as possible, we avoid putting it against my face (the headphones, its perfect!) And a little cleaning from time to time, it’s not bad too.Special screen cleaners can be used, often antiseptic.