Edibles Or Smoking A Guide To Marijuana

While smoking cannabis is a historical event, the edibles are a different thing altogether. Even the chemistry between the two isdiverse when marijuana registersin the body. Marijuana is taken in different forms which include vaping and smoking, ingesting, and edibles.  The two can contain different dosing and reactions. These products can be found in stores such as a Pennsylvania marijuana medical dispensary.

Smoking is straight forward while edibles are marijuana made in different food and packaged for consumption. It’s confusing though because it can lead to a child consuming the edibles unknowingly.

Smoking marijuana

The smoke when consumed goes direct to thelungs and through the bloodstream, direct to the brain. Smoke covers a bigger surface area in the body for it can go immediately to different places at the same time.  You’re there to start feeling the joint effect and reach a peak when concentrations are high.

From inhalation, the final peak effect smoking can take from just five minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes to enjoy the feeling of smoking marijuana. After the 15 minutes,the peak effect reduces for the next 5 to 10 minutes, and your back to the Earth again


Marijuana edibles come in different forms simplified as food. Inside the body the chemical THC is released; which when taken to the stomach will go different stages before you arrive at the peak.  Edibles, when they arrive in the body they will follow through the body before digestion. Then the effect starts to move slowly before the chemical action.

The effect will take from 1 hour to 3 hours to give that Sensation effect. The THC will travel through the digestive system through the circulatory system and before landing on the brain. During that time the 10 minutes to 1 hour, the body is preparing for the new chemical in the system. However, after 1 hour to you 3 hours the effect starts to become slowly increasing in intensity and will have a longer effect on the body. The end boss the food stay in the body for more than 6 hours before you regain your normal 

The differences between edibles and smoking 

 The smoke provides an instant effect on your body and within minutes your reach to the Peak. For smokers of marijuana, they feel they have more control when the dosage is high; giving them that experience they love. And because of its immediate reaction when you think you’ve reached the peak you can stop smoking. Get both products from the store near such as a Pennsylvania marijuana dispensary.

Edibles are like food and will take the long process of digestion. You’ll be able to figure out the effect only when the body starts to produce negative effects. However,  if you are keen you’ll note how body metabolism changes slowly. The good thing about edibles is that you’ll not have an immediate effect that will change the way you think and act, you want to do it slowly and experience it for a longer time

When you are smoking marijuana for experience, user reaction takes a long moment but with great effect. You’ll go to your trip faster and return on time. However, with edibles the speed is slow but you last longer. Andif you’re a new user, try what can work for you between smoking and edibles.