Choosing Between Mascara And Eyelash Extensions – A Guide For Everyone

For the past few years, mascara is the number one product used in ensuring that you have longer lashes with depth and volume. But, with the sudden advancement of the cosmetic world, it is further improved into an eyelash extension through a specific process or treatment. And today, most women avail of such service through different beauty clinics across the globe. It has also become a trend and a great option apart from mascara. Also, it adds the same volume and depth as if you had mascara. But, here’s the thing: it looks natural.

If you’re probably how it is, the treatment is quite simple. Some pros can help you as well. Eyelash extensions are great for ensuring that you have long lashes indeed even if you don’t. These are carefully attached to your natural lashes to make it not look obvious. One more thing: it’s not surgical. So, there are no incisions and other sorts. It’s purely application. Let the lash extensions Kings Cross set as an example.

And to give you more details about it, here are some of the factors that may help you choose between mascara and eyelash extensions. Get to know more about the treatment as well.

  •       Chemical Contaminants

The first category is about the chemical contaminants of both mascara and eyelash extensions. To effectively compare, it is safe to say that mascara has the most. You can see it in the refills. The black color liquid that you apply has more chemical ingredients which are the whole reason for its volume. While, on the other hand, the eyelash extensions, don’t have that much. It’s also organic, which makes it safer. The components provided in the process are all secured and went through series of tests. Take the eyelash extensions Double Bay, for instance, as an example. Beauty clinics know all too well the importance of choosing which components or elements are only used in the process.

  •       Length Of Time Or Period

For the amount of time that your lashes are longer, it’s much better with eyelash extensions. The results last more than a month compared to the mascara, which may be for hours or days only. Both are different. If you happen to seek longer lashes in a certain period, then go with the eyelash extension treatment. It’s for you. The results are also with high quality which makes it appear much more natural.

  •       Price And Convenience

The eyelash extensions are budget-friendly and so is mascara. But, if you’d total your expenses, you can save more in the treatment than buying a make-up product now and then. When you use mascara, it does not last that long. So, better go with eyelash extensions which are also at a reasonable price. It’s The lesser hassle for you too since you won’t need to apply mascara every day.

Final Word

Use this as a brief overview of eyelash extensions. Make sure to keep the details in your mind. In choosing between the two, always opt to have the best quality results.