5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Features

All faces are wonderful in their own way — no face is “perfect,” thank goodness. Looking in the mirror, you might want to highlight certain features and downplay others at different times. The most important thing is to have fun! Makeup and professional enhancements make it possible to experiment with your best look. Here are a few ideas.

1. Make Your Eyes Pop

There are several ways you can amp up the intensity of your eyes without going for a super-dramatic look. Working a black gel or pencil liner into your top waterline and between your lashes takes just a few minutes and makes a big difference. Put a bit on the bottom for more of a rock-n-roll look. Want to have brows that beautifully frame your face without constant upkeep? Consider a beauty professional like best microblading Long Island NY to design your perfect brow.

2. Play Up Your Cheekbones

You may have strong cheekbones that don’t require definition, or you might want to play them up a little. For a sharper, more defined appearance, choose a contouring cream or powder. Gently suck in your cheeks to determine shadow placement, and blend or brush just a bit into the cheek hollow. On top of the contour, add a small amount of powder or cream blush and angle it toward the temple. For even more dimension, put a bit of highlighter above the contour.

3. Soften Your Forehead

A sharp forehead line might be part of your overall look, or you may prefer to soften it. Use your contour cream or powder (a shade darker than foundation or BB cream) and blend it along the shape of your hairline, blending well for a natural effect.

4. Enhance Your Lips

You can naturally enhance your lips by staying well hydrated and using a lip balm regularly. Think creamy and moist when you select your lipstick and consider how the color balances with the rest of your face. Try a bit of highlighter on the cupid’s bow for an extra touch.

5. Beautify Your Nose

Good overall skincare will make your nose harmonize well with the rest of your face — a touch of powder doesn’t hurt either. Experiment with your contouring kit to get different looks, but keep it subtle. A little goes a long way!

Making the most of your facial features should be pleasurable and easy. Try these tips for an understated, fresh look.