Playing Is the Brain’s Favorite Way of Learning!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Play is essential for a child’s growth and development. It strengthens and refines small and large motor skills, and builds stamina. Sensory learning develops mostly through play, and it’s significant in physical development.

Play fulfills many needs, including a sense of accomplishment, successfully giving and receiving attention, and self-esteem. It helps your kids develop emotions. They learn appropriate ways of expressing emotions, such as anger, fear, frustration, stress; they even discover ways of dealing with these feelings. Childhood doesn’t last forever, so let your kids enjoy being kids!

Encourage your child’s play! Joyfay giant teddy bear has become everyone’s favorite soft toy. It’s a great gift for your kids, and is made of 100% green materials. This teddy is just the perfect size for hugging and keeping your kid company any time of the day! It’s easy to clean and make your kid’s teddy look like new again.

Increase your child’s social and emotional development

Your child’s life starts with a gentle exploration of the world. Every child learns differently; some experience the world visually, others kinetically. Educational toys are a great way to encourage the learning process for your child. It can be a great source of fun! 

Your children need to grow and include developing their social and emotional self. Educational toys can assist your kids with this development via demanding activities, like sharing, playing with others, waiting for their turn, and leadership. This will help boost their confidence, pride, and validate your child’s learning experiences. 

Here’s a list of toys that encourages your kids to imagine!

Anatex – The first toy company to design the rollercoaster

Anatex is the first company to produce the rollercoaster wire bead maze frames in North America. They’ve continued their practice of bringing kid-friendly, educational toys to the market. Anatex uses high-quality materials to produce innovative, award-winning products to keep kids busy in learning new things. 

Their rollercoaster has won the Parent’s Choice Classic Award, and is also the Dr. Toy best Classic Toys winner. They are a trusted leader in educational toys with high-quality materials and innovative products.

Anatex Sea Life play cube activity center

The Sea Life Play Cube is designed for children to explore the depths of the ocean! The artwork is realistic, adventurous, fun, and attractive to children of all ages. Your kids can dive into the mysterious sea life with Anatex’s bright Sea Life Play Cube activity to help them improve. 

The Cube features an enticing rollercoaster bead maze, sea life pathfinder, octopus flipper, blowfish magnetic circle spinner, and paddle wheel. Each game is built into the activity center’s sides and hand-eye coordination, cognitive and cooperative play skills.

Anatex Sculpture Maze Wall Panel

This Panel is great for visual tracking to improve motor dexterity. It features multiple paths and bright-colored beads to helps children develop hand-eye coordination, visual tracking, and motor skills.

Anatex Pyramid of Play activity center

Keeping your little ones occupied for a long time can be a challenge! If you provide children with an opportunity for problem-solving, they’ll keep busy working their way out.  Anatex’s Pyramid of Play Activity Center is designed to navigate the Caterpillar Pathfinder, Marble Run, Ladybug Counter, Gear Fun, and Busy Rollercoaster. Each game is built for color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and cooperative play skills. 

Power Wheels Fisher-Price Disney Princess Trailrider 

Power Wheels Fisher-Price Disney Princess Trailrider, Toys “R” Us is an exclusive an ATV-styled BRPO with Disney Princess colors and graphics. These toys are designed to move forward and backward at speeds of 3.5 mph that includes 6 volt batteries. The first power wheels came rolling in the year 1971. Power wheels are still the #1 battery-powered vehicle brand in the business with 25 million vehicles on the road! 

Every power wheel vehicle is tested to the highest standards, meeting precise specifications and rigorous laboratory tests.  They’re backed by a comprehensive one-year bumper-to-bumper limited warranty. Before they’re produced, these toys are tested by kids, both onsite and in a home test program. The tests are carried out to make sure they’re age-appropriate, easy to operate, and safe. 

You can take your pick of stuffed toys, like the Joyfay giant teddy bear, or settle for the more educational and robust kind, such as the Maze or Power Wheels.