Educating young children about ocean conservation through music

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Keeping young children interested in something for more than 10 minutes is always a challenge for many parents. Asking a 6 years old what they want to do - iPad or story books - is probably not a fair question because we all know in our hearts what the child would choose. As a writer and composer, my challenge is to come up with something educational and yet entertaining enough to keep young children engaged while they learn about the ocean and about the impact of climate change on our environment. It sounds easy, but in reality it is rather challenging and requires boundless imagination and creativity. I get asked the question about how Migalolo was created in a recent interview. This is also a popular question from parents.

When I was a child, my uncle had a small sailing yacht and he used to take the family out for a nice spin along the Banda Sea near Indonesia. It was fun and everything I saw as a 6-year-old has an endless, lasting memory in my heart. I have memories of blue skies, clear water, colorful reefs, and fearless huge fishes jumping up and down the water. And, of course, how could one forget about the gigantic sea turtles?! It was fascinating and exciting at the same time.

As time goes by, every facet of nature is threatened by climate change and reckless human behavior. I want to do my share to help. Educating children about the importance of conservation must start at a young age. So here is the question: how do I explain important conservation concepts in a fun and easy to understand way? How do we teach young children about the environment as well as concepts of friendship, faith, and love. There is no straight answers to both questions. Perhaps the best way is to download the app and find out if my creation actually works. The Migalolo: Ocean Musical FREE app was created as a labor of love and with important and meaningful messages.

The story is about Henry, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary love for everything related to the sea, as he explores the ocean and summons the magical Sea Fairy. His whole life changes when the Sea Fairy turns him into a dolphin and sends him on a mysterious mission.

Migalolo's songs and music in each chapter are there for a reason. In each chapter, the story touches on a variety of topics from plastic pollution and dolphin hunting to the impact of climate change. All of the music can be downloaded through iTunes and Amazon.

Written By: Shirley Choi