Reasons Why Kids May Get Involved with Drugs

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It’s an all too familiar story: A teen who was previously loving and happy, and a reasonable student, has become defiant and disrespectful. He spends every minute locked inside his room, except for when he’s with his friends, and he’s often sleepy and red-eyed when you see him. A room search has led to you finding drug paraphernalia, and no attempts to talk to him have helped. You are right to continue trying to help your child, but it’s important to consider what could have led him to take drugs in the first place. This could be a way to help you find a solution. Keep reading for a few of the most common reasons as to why teenagers take drugs.

To Fit In

Some teenagers choose to take drugs because they can’t find any other way to fit in with a peer group. The entrance exam is easy – buy and take drugs and you’re a member. If your teen was lonely before his transformation, he may have easily been swayed by the feeling of fitting in with a group.

To Self Medicate

Some teenagers take drugs in order to self medicate existing health problems. It’s not unheard of for a teenager to try marijuana at a party, find that it helps them to feel better, and then use it on a regular basis. Drug users suffering from anxiety or depression may be able to quit their addiction once their condition is diagnosed and they are prescribed some legal medication. An addiction treatment center can help with this.

For Attention

Some teenagers take drugs in order to get attention from their parents – after all, if you had a perfect son, would you spend as much time worrying about him as you do now? If you have other children who excel in sports or academics, your teenager may be feeling like they have no way to compare. Even though taking drugs isn’t ideal, he may feel like it is at least getting him noticed.

Because It’s Normal

If your teenager has been exposed to drugs from an early age, he may believe that it is normal to take them. Many adults are happy to announce that marijuana isn’t as bad as alcohol, and many movies and songs also glorify the drug culture. If your child believes drugs are normal, he might not understand why it’s a big deal for him to be taking them.

To Relieve Boredom

Another common reason why some teenagers take drugs is simply because they’re bored. The risk involved with purchasing drugs, and the excitement of taking them, can be all it takes to entice some teenagers into the world of drug abuse. In this case, introducing your teen to another high risk activity that is safer may be a good way to help quash the addiction.

If you are worried about your child taking drugs it is wise to speak to a professional, such as a therapist at the Beachway Therapy Center, who can help advise you further. The above are just some of the reasons why your child may be taking drugs, and they may help you to understand your teenager’s addiction.