Ironman R2O FuelBelt

Monday, March 16, 2015

I've been searching for a better way (for me) to hydrate during long runs and be able to easily access any nutrients that I may need for refueling. Most of my running clothes do not have pockets large enough for the few pretzels or gels that I need when I'm out on a long run. I also despise running with a bottle of water in hand. I tend to dehydrate easily - so leaving it at home isn't an option for me. I also don't ruck every run, so I don't always have that extra space for items.

The Ironman R2O FuelBelt came in handy on its first use this past weekend. Though its trial run was on the treadmill, it held up for the 13.2 mile run. I had worried that the Velcro closure wouldn't hold up to the inclines and general bouncing around but it did just fine.


  • Fully adjustable elastic stretch waistband for a customized, comfortable no-bounce fit and Velcro closure
  • Revenge holster design provides for single handed entry and exit
  • Removable pocket with zipper for gels, keys, cash or up to iPhone sized electronics
  • Breathable thermoform backing wicks moisture away and keeps you cool
  • Two ergonomic, leak proof, dishwasher safe and BPA-free 7 oz bottles included

I had hoped that the pocket would be large enough to hold my cell phone in case I wanted to switch from placing the phone in an armband and putting it in the belt instead. The pocket is not large enough to hold a cell phone unless your smart phone. If your phone isn't a smart phone then it may work. Though it couldn't hold the phone - it did hold the few items that I need for refueling during a long run. The zipper was smooth, didn't snag or cause any problems while opening and closing.

The holster for the water bottles were also easy to maneuver. The bottles slide in and out with ease yet the bottles are gripped firmly enough to keep them in place during the run. I also enjoyed the padding on the the belt that separated me from the water bottles.

I do wish that this belt had a place to attach a race bib. Though I find most races (races, not runs in general) over a 10K to be boring - I'll do them every once in a while and it would be handy to be able to hang the bib from the belt.

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