How to Get the Right Catering for Your Business Event

Monday, February 23, 2015

Catering is not always necessary for business events – for a short meeting, you might only need a bottle of water and some tea or coffee. But if the event is for a large number of people, or you know it will last for more than a couple of hours, some form of refreshments will be necessary.

Planning is essential when catering for business events. The devil is in the detail and if you get anything wrong, the whole event could easily turn into a nightmare. For example, the caterers will need to know how many people are expected because if you don’t organize enough food and drink, things could get very messy.

Other things to think about when organizing catering for a business function include:

  • Budget – How much can you afford to spend on the catering? For low-key meetings, a simple finger buffet will probably be sufficient, but for larger events, you will need a much bigger budget to play with.
  • Number of guests – The number of guests you are catering for will directly influence the budget, so be as accurate as possible before contacting caterers for quotes.
  • Venue – Do you require catering at your place of business, or is the event being hosted at an external venue? If so, are there catering facilities such as a kitchen on-site, or are you using the venue’s catering service instead?
  • Theme – If there is a theme to consider, the catering will need to fit in accordingly.
  • Equipment – Do you need to hire extra equipment such as tables, chairs, cutlery and table linen? If so, check whether the caterers provide any of this.
  • Dietary requirements – It is very important that you find out in advance whether any of your guests have specific dietary requirements such as food allergies.

Find the Right Caterer

There are dozens of catering companies for hire in any given area, but not all of them will be right for your business function. The easiest way to find the right company is to go by personal recommendations from colleagues or other businesses. That way you know what to expect. But if this isn’t an option, contact a few and find out what type of service they offer.

In-House Catering

Many venues offer in-house catering as part of their service. In most cases there will be an additional cost attached, but if all you require is some tea/coffee/water for a meeting room, this may be provided as a complimentary service, so check what is available when you make the booking. In-house catering is often the easiest way of securing a seamless service for a business function, as the venue will take over the organisation of this aspect of your function, thus saving you a big headache.

The larger the business event, the more complex the organization behind the scenes will be. As well as choosing a good quality caterer, picking the right venue is also very important, so if you need a few venue ideas, click here for more information. And once you have everything in place, you can get back to running your business.